F1 news: Mercedes has a replacement for Lewis Hamilton as Sergio Perez told to leave Red Bull

F1 news: Mercedes has a replacement for Lewis Hamilton as Sergio Perez told to leave Red Bull

For the third time running, Max Verstappen triumphs in Formula One.

Although Max Verstappen may have secured the World Championship with a second-place finish in the sprint race in Qatar the previous time out, Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez are still in the hunt for positions below him.

Red Bull is hoping that Perez can repeat what he failed to do last season and secure the team’s first-ever one-two finish in the Drivers’ Championship as there are still five rounds left in the current campaign.
The gap between Perez and Hamilton currently stands at 30 points.

Unfortunately, Checo’s recent performances have been very worrying for Red Bull. Verstappen continues to rule from the front, but Perez only managed to score one point over the course of the two races in Qatar last weekend.

Although the gap between the two drivers didn’t narrow much as a result of Hamilton’s first DNF of the season during the Qatar Grand Prix, it was still a clear warning shot to Perez, who is still clinging to his Red Bull career.

Following Formula 1, Hamilton will clearly retire.

When Lewis Hamilton decides to leave Formula 1, he has made it clear that he has no plans to compete in any other motorsports series.

Recently, the 38-year-old signed a contract with Mercedes that will keep him working past his 40th birthday, until 2025.
Hamilton has stated that he will race other vehicles after calling it a day on his career, just not in a competitive manner.

Following Formula 1, he told French TV network Canal+, “I don’t feel the urge to enter other competitions.”.

I enjoy watching races like Le Mans because they are so beautiful.
I’ve always been a huge fan of MotoGP.
I still do; I have two superbikes.
I intend to ride a motorcycle, but not in a race.

“I have a lot of other things to do; I doubt I’ll participate in any competitions going forward, at least not as a professional,” she said. It takes too long.

Responding to the Tsunoda link is Red Bull CEO Marko.

Any Formula One team looking to sign Yuki Tsunoda in the future has been warned not to touch him by Helmut Marko.

If Sergio Perez does not succeed him at Red Bull for the 2025 season, the Japanese driver has been rumored to leave the team.

Due to their upcoming partnership with Honda, Aston Martin is reportedly one of the teams interested, but Marko claims the team would only allow Tsunoda to leave if they were paid a hefty sum.

According to the Austrian, “Tsunoda is under contract with us.”.

“Aston Martin would need to agree with us first if they were considering hiring him as early as next year.

With regard to the retirement claim, a Perez insider speaks out.

Defending Sergio Perez against rumors that the Red Bull star may retire, an insider from his team called the reports “a load of nonsense.”.

After some subpar performances in the RB19 this season in comparison to Max Verstappen, the Mexican has come under increased scrutiny.

Initially, it was anticipated that he would continue competing until 2026 before considering hanging up his racing gloves, but there is still talk that he may retire sooner.

GPFans claim to have questioned a Perez camp source who dismissed rumors of an impending announcement of his retirement as “a load of nonsense.”.

Belgian general practitioner ‘extends’ contract.

According to reports, race organizers for the Belgian Grand Prix have agreed to hold the event at Spa-Francorchamps in 2025 for an additional year.

According to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the race will unquestionably occur in 2024 and 2025.
As Zandvoort is Max Verstappen’s home race, the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws claims that Spa may need to alternate with it.

Walloon Economy Minister Willy Borsus of Belgium claimed that the deal has the support of the government because it generates “seven euros for every one invested.”.

For 2024, AlphaTauri decides to rebrand.

The team will’move closer’ to Red Bull with their rebrand, according to AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer, who remained mum on the name for 2024.

The Italian-based team is Red Bull’s sister organization, and it appears Bayer wants them to become more closely associated with the group given that their previous name was Toro Rosso, which is an Italian translation of “Red Bull.”.

Bayer stated, “Discussions are going very well, but I’m afraid I can’t yet reveal what the name will be.”.
“The team’s identity has been determined by the shareholders; we will acquaint ourselves more with the Red Bull clan.

“It’s an exciting time to be alive to witness the formation of a Formula 1 team; it’s a unique experience.

Haas announce a change in the home race.

As part of their preparation for their home race, Haas has unveiled special driver overalls for the US Grand Prix the following weekend.

The pressure to score points will be on for F1’s lone American team next weekend after rival Alfa Romeo finished with their first double-points finish of the season in Qatar.

There should be something for the home crowd to cheer, though.
At the US Grand Prix, Haas is anticipated to drive their B-spec car.

In order to give Haas an advantage in the race for P8 in the Constructor Championship, the design will bring them closer to a Red Bull design and development trajectory.

McLaren is a leader in advancing environmental change.

When they test this at the US Grand Prix the following weekend, McLaren will make history by being the first team on the grid to use recycled carbon fire on their vehicle.

The plan aims to help McLaren reach its goal of having a net-zero F1 operation by 2030.

Piers Thynne, CEO of McLaren F1, said this about the initiative: “We’re proud to team up with V Carbon to lead the charge in sustainable materials, running with recycled carbon fiber at the Austin GP.
The rCF’s potential applications in the future are very intriguing.

“V Carbon provides up to 85% of the original strength of carbon fiber, making it strong enough for a range of applications in F1, as well as outside of it.
To help accelerate change, we will keep collaborating closely with the FIA, F1, and other teams.

Aston Martin is going to change its name.

Cognizant will remain on board for 2024, but not as a title sponsor, according to Lawrence Stroll, who also confirmed that Aston Martin will have a new title sponsorship.

Following the announcement, he said: “Through the first phase of their partnership with us, they’ve achieved that – now, many more people are aware of Cognizant and what they do.

“This was always intended to be phase two of that relationship; after achieving global brand awareness, they are strengthening their partnership with us and applying their digital transformation to our business — both on and off the racetrack — and we are now developing a deeper, broader relationship with them.

While Stroll did not specifically state who would be the new title sponsor, he did state that “The new team name will be confirmed in early 2024.

Vasseur attacks the track’s limitations.

After a weekend of fines at the Qatar Grand Prix, Fred Vasseur has urged the FIA to take charge of track limits issues.

Vasseur commented on the need for change, saying: “Track limits are, in my opinion, the weekend’s biggest problem.

“Because you know you will have problems with track limits when you go to Spielberg, and we had problems with track limits here, and you get the results two hours after the race.

“And we told them the same thing when we arrived before the weekend, that there would be a festival.
It was also a festival.

Still evaluating his performances is Verstappen.

Max Verstappen has provided an answer to the question of whether he would rather win a championship in 2023 with absolute dominance or in 2021 with a close race.

Both yes and no.
I do intend to compete against various teams,” he said to Sky Sports F1.
On the other hand, I really push myself as well.
Each and every weekend, I make a sincere effort to give my best.

“I try to look at things that I can do better and I try to improve as a driver, which I think is also great because you have all this success, right?

“But every year you learn and improve as a driver, maybe not faster, but probably better able to handle situations because of your experience and you learn from your difficult moments, your good moments.

Hamilton’s long-term replacement is revealed by Wolff.

Kimi Antonelli, an Italian teenager, is, in the opinion of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, the ideal long-term replacement for Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff told Gazzetta dello Sport that there are undoubtedly fast and intriguing drivers in his line-up when speaking about the future of his team. But we give attention to ourselves.
and for the men of the future.
For instance, we have invested in the extremely talented Italian driver Antonelli.

“He won everything in F4, is in the lead in the Formula Regional championship, and has demonstrated his extreme strength, which is amazing to watch.
On the other hand, we don’t want to overburden him.

Finish the work for 2023, and we’ll decide what to do the following year in consultation with his incredibly balanced family. Andrea is just 17 years old; we can’t burn him; instead, we must allow him to mature.
Everything must be done calmly.


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