The Green Bay Packers offense is presently going through an identity crisis.

The Green Bay Packers offense is presently going through an identity crisis.

It couldn’t have been more convenient that the Green Bay Packers had a bye week.
The Packers were hoping to rebound after being humiliated by the Detroit Lions the previous week in Week 5.
However, it didn’t take place.
Instead, in Las Vegas, the Packers were defeated 17-13 by the mediocre Las Vegas Raiders.
Not a pretty sight, that. The Packers had issues as a team. The effort, however, baffled the Green Bay Packers’ offensive unit.

The Green Bay Packers offense is presently going through an identity crisis.

Matt LaFleur anticipated a challenging Monday night for his offense.
They would not have starting running back Aaron Jones, it was reported prior to the game.
A player of Jones’ caliber wasn’t available, which was a huge loss.
However, the Green Bay Packers offense as a whole as well as their coach made things even more challenging.

It didn’t take long to realize that LaFleur was steadfastly committed to developing the running game.
He and the offense had failed to do it in their previous two games.
However, doing so without their best running back didn’t seem like the right strategy.
substitute running back A.
J. Dillon wasn’t terrible, finishing the game with 20 carries for 76 yards, but he’s not nearly as effective as Jones.

There are many people to blame for the Packers’ dismal offensive performance. We look at these elements and what LaFleur needs to do to get the Green Bay Packers offense back on track.

LaFleur Must Improve.

There are high expectations for Matt LaFleur as a Kyle Shanahan disciple. His mentor is arguably the best offensive play-caller in the NFL right now.
His work with the San Francisco 49ers offense, and more specifically with Brock Purdy, is truly magical.
Putting LaFleur and Shanahan side by side might not be fair.
It is unjust, but it will nonetheless occur.

Shanahan has a reputation for establishing the run in order to facilitate the play-action passing game.
LaFleur has said he wants to implement it with the Green Bay Packers offense.
LaFleur and the offense haven’t succeeded in doing this thus far this season.
When he finally tried to start the running game last week, he did so without the help of his top running back.
It wasn’t just puzzling; it was also incredibly stupid.

The poor Raiders defense quickly understood what Lafleur was doing.
Dillon only averaged 3 point 8 yards per carry despite gaining 76 yards. There are times when offensive teams struggle to run the ball but still manage to prevail.
Jordan Love, his young quarterback, struggled because LaFleur never made the necessary adjustments.

The passing game suffered from a weak run game.
The Raiders weren’t duped when Love did run play-action.
The receiver’s unwillingness to open up didn’t help love. LaFleur did not do his receivers any favors either, given the way his offense is run. Many people will use the young offensive line of the Packers as an justification for their shortcomings. But resist accepting that.
After six seasons as an offensive play-caller (including one with the Tennessee Titans), LaFleur ought to be able to manage a young roster.
He should perform better.

Their quarterback needs the assistance of pass catchers.

They anticipated Jordan Love would make some mistakes in his first season as the Packers’ starting quarterback. In the Packers’ first three games, he had a strong performance, but in their final two games, he had some challenging moments.
Even so, his supporting cast needs to step up in games where he will falter in order to prevent the Green Bay Packers offense as a whole from imploding along with him.

Romeo Doubs and Love had seemed to bond particularly well. But in the game against the Raiders on Monday night, you wouldn’t have guessed that.
Doubts only successfully caught one ball for a total of four yards.
He needs to get better at winning one-on-one matches for a receiver who some consider to be the best option. The capacity to do that distinguishes the best wide receiver in the NFL.
He needs to demonstrate his independence in getting open if LaFleur isn’t going to scheme him open.

Christian Watson caught three passes for 91 yards on Monday night, appearing to be healthy at last.
His potential for big plays was finally rediscovered for Packers fans.
A wide receiver with his size (6’4″, 207 pounds) and speed, however, must contribute more to the passing attack.
Despite the fact that he is a fantastic down-the-field weapon, he needs to improve in the intermediate passing game.
In his second season, Watson needs to start living up to the Packers’ higher expectations.

Luke Musgrave appears to be the type of tight end the Green Bay Packers offense has been lacking lately.
Musgrave, however, is the polar opposite of Watson at this time.
Despite not yet making an impact stretching the middle of the field, Musgrave has been reliable in the short passing attack. He has the speed to stretch the field and outrun the linebackers and safeties of the opposition. If he begins to do that, he will be an enormous help to Love and the rest of the passing game.

Reorganizing the offensive line.

In case you weren’t aware, losing David Bakhtiari for the remainder of the season is a significant loss.
Rasheed Walker, the emergency starter, had a terrible night because Maxx Crosby was a one-man wrecking crew.

Walker, however, wasn’t the only one who had a difficult time on Monday night.
Elgton Jenkins, Josh Myers, and Jon Runyan Jr. are the rest of the starting offensive line.
, as well as Zach Tom, had difficulty.
It’s imperative that this unit performs better if the Packers are to have any success offensively.

The absence of Bakhtiari leaves a gaping hole.
Walker possesses the aptitude to make a solid NFL tackle.
Despite his potential, he urgently needs assistance.
Walker did receive sporadic assistance from tight end Ben Sims, but LaFleur will now provide more of it.
Previously, Marcedes Lewis did that and offered Yosh Nijman, the starting tackle, a safety net. Sims doesn’t fit Lewis’ description, but he could offer Walker some protection.

With Josh Myers as their starting center, the Packers are faced with a serious issue.
His ongoing struggles were brought to light when the Raiders lined up Crosby over him.
He isn’t giving the offensive line’s middle the push it needs for the running game.
He is clearly a liability when providing pass protection.
LaFleur and offensive line coach Luke Butkus will need to decide what to do with Myers.
If not, conflicts will persist.

How the offense of the Green Bay Packers can advance during the break.

Over the bye week, Matt LaFleur and his offensive staff will have a lot of work to complete.
The Green Bay Packers offense won’t improve things if they continue to play as they have been.

LaFleur has received a lot of praise for the Packers’ offensive success during his first five seasons as their head coach.
But without Aaron Rodgers, this is where LaFleur’s play-calling abilities will be put to the test. The Green Bay Packers offense requires a personality.
He must construct one himself.


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