Deshaun Watson timeline to return from Shoulder Injury Could Cost Him Multiple Games, per Report

Deshaun Watson timeline to return from Shoulder Injury Could Cost Him Multiple Games, per Report

It’s possible that Deshaun Watson will miss several games due to his delayed recovery from a shoulder injury.

Deshaun Watson is nursing a lingering shoulder injury that may keep him out of action for a few weeks, as the quarterback for the Boston Browns is now sidelined for the second straight game.

As Watson recovers from what is being called a “right rotator cuff contusion,” Cleveland has reportedly made plans to proceed without him.
Watson was declared out for Week 6 on Friday, according to Mary Kay Cabot of

Watson is suffering from a rotator cuff injury that Cabot describes as a “strain-like deep contusion,” which is more painful for him than a “run-of-the-mill bruise.”.
Remember that the healing period for a rotator cuff bruise typically ranges from two to six weeks, depending on how severe it is.

Consequently, Cabot reports that Watson will need to take it easy and rehabilitate his throwing shoulder until he is able to “throw normally and without pain,” which is what Browns coach Kevin Stefanski stated on Friday.

According to Cabot, Stefanski remarked, “I know what he’s made of.”.
I am aware of how much he longs to be outside.
I am aware of how much he wants to win.
I’ve watched him play with injuries.
He’s getting by because, well, he’s a pretty resilient person.
As soon as he feels ready, he will be outside.

Despite the fact that a surgery of this kind would probably put Watson’s second season in Cleveland to an early end, Cabot stated that the Browns don’t think Watson will require one “at this time.”.

The 28-year-old quarterback will once more be limited to the bench three weeks after suffering his injury during a Week 3 victory over the Titans, as the team keeps a close eye on him.
Substitute quarterback P. I. J.
On Sunday, after the Browns (2-2) have a bye in Week 5, they play the 49ers (5-0) at home. Walker will represent the injured Watson.


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