FIA has clear stance on changing F1 rules after Max Verstappen’s title win

FIA has clear stance on changing F1 rules after Max Verstappen’s title win

Following Max Verstappen’s championship victory, the FIA has made it clear that it intends to change the F1 rules.

At the Qatar Grand Prix, Max Verstappen secured his third Formula 1 championship in as many seasons, but he’ll have to wait two months to claim the trophy.

The FIA is adamant that it will not consider amending the regulations to permit Formula 1 champions to claim the trophy as soon as their success is established.

The newest triple-champion in Formula One, Max Verstappen, solidified his position this past weekend.
It became mathematically certain that he would win the championship by coming in second in the Qatar Grand Prix Sprint while Sergio Perez crashed out.

He will need to exercise patience in order to receive a material reward in 2023 for his supremacy.
In contrast to how most sporting victories are typically followed by the player or team receiving the trophy right away, F1 is different.

According to the rules, the winner will receive the trophy at the FIA Prize Giving Gala at the conclusion of the calendar year.
For 2023, Verstappen will have to travel to Azerbaijan in December to claim his prize.

Similar to other sporting victories, Verstappen and his Red Bull team’s celebrations in Qatar felt incomplete because there was no trophy to hold up and display. Mohammed ben Sulayem, the president of the FIA, is opposed to any attempts to alter the laws.

In reference to the yearly FIA gala, he told reporters, “It’s the night of the champions.”.
“When I first won my [Middle East Rally] championship, you had no idea about the restless night before flying to France, being in Paris, going to the Concorde, and receiving a trophy.

“Even now, as I recall how young I was—just 25 years old—I can feel the hairs on my arm standing up.
You dream of going there, and other young people share that perspective as well.

The young people can see the winner, the F1 champion, on the night of the champions. And for them, that is their idol.
No, I don’t want to make sure the dream comes true.

Of course, the regulations could be altered in such a way that the F1 championship victor could keep the trophy while still being required to attend the Prize Giving Gala.
But Ben Sulayem thinks it’s crucial for the sport’s historical continuity that it takes place at that yearly competition.

The driver wants to be like someone, he continued. So, believe me when I say that coming to that day, of the night of the champions, is like a dream to them.
Although I understand what you’re saying, we give them a substantial gift.


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