Jay Glazer disputes the idea that the Vikings are done with Cousins.

Jay Glazer disputes the idea that the Vikings are done with Cousins.

“I believe the Vikings want him to return.

The end of the Kirk Cousins era in Minnesota appears to have been written on the wall for some time. Not so fast, says Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.

The Vikings “want [Cousins] back,” according to Glazer, who appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday.

For most people who have followed the Vikings, that would undoubtedly be news.
By refusing to extend a new contract to Cousins, who is being forced to play out the final year of his contract, the front office made their intentions clear this offseason.
There have been calls for the Vikings to declare victory and begin making plans for the future after a disastrous 1-4 start and the possibility that star receiver Justin Jefferson will miss some time due to a strained hamstring.

When asked about possible trade destinations other than the frequently-speculated New York Jets, Glazer answered, “I don’t know where you could go, especially with the type of contract he’s going to want.
“See, the trade deadline is also a problem.
Most often, players who are in the final year of their contracts are traded.
There are currently a billion names visible.
As a result, the player you trade for usually has one year left on his contract, and you will also have to offer him a huge contract in the future.
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Typically, it’s someone [the team] is unlikely to re-sign, so let’s go get a bunch [of picks] for them.
I want everyone to consider those names instead of just saying, “Well this team stinks so they’re going to have a fire sale,” when considering the trade deadline. Not everyone will simply have a fire sale because their team is performing poorly.

Check: It’s his last year under contract.
His return to the team appears to be unlikely.
It certainly sounds like Cousins’ and the Vikings’ current predicament. Or not.

When asked about Cousins’s situation, Glazer answered, “I think the Vikings want him back.”.
In the camp, at least, they did.
They may have wanted him back then, but I haven’t been back there since camp.

Questions about Kirk Cousins’ potential long-term future in Minnesota have been successfully avoided by Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell.
I’m just very focused on the Bears and going 1-0 this week,” Cousins told the media on Wednesday, refusing to be drawn into conversations about his future.
I’m not going to waste my time, effort, or attention on anything else.

According to Purple Insider’s Matthew Coller, who wrote a piece on Cousins’ future on Thursday, “whether a trade is realistic or not, the chances of Cousins playing in Minnesota after this season get lower and lower with each loss and the discussion about the team’s shortcomings in terms of postseason success during his era as Vikings quarterback gets louder.”.

The Vikings are strongly associated with an impending fire sale that could result in the team trading away Cousins after nearly six seasons, with a 2-5 or 1-6 record staring them in the face as the trade deadline approaches.

According to Cousins, there is “urgency” heading into this week because there is “so much to play for.”.

The Vikings front office will be fielding a lot of calls for players like K because they will be without Jefferson for the foreseeable future and have a big hole to climb out of.
In the coming weeks, Osborn and Danielle Hunter will be involved.


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