Lewis Hamilton made F1 retirement plan clear in major announcement about his future

Lewis Hamilton made F1 retirement plan clear in major announcement about his future

A major announcement about his future was made by Lewis Hamilton, outlining his F1 retirement plan.

In preparing for life after motorsport, seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has created a powerful business empire off the racetrack and an enduring legacy on it.

The exact moment Lewis Hamilton decides to leave Formula 1 is still unknown, but it is clear what he will be doing with his time afterward.

The seven-time world champion, who is 38 years old, is still competing.
Additionally, he will have two more chances to add to his already overflowing trophy cabinet because he recently inked a contract extension with Mercedes.

Hamilton has been involved in motorsports since he was a young child. His entire racing career was focused on getting to Formula One, and once he was there, winning the world championship repeatedly was his only objective.

His attention has only shifted in the last few years to other areas.
Knowing that his time in Formula One will not last indefinitely, the British driver has prudently begun laying the foundation for his post-racing lifestyle.

He said to Deadline last year in a significant announcement about his entry into Hollywood, “I’m very conscious of other great athletes who spend their whole lives, as I have, focused on their sport and when they come to the end they might not necessarily have had the right people around them to help structure the course ahead for them.”.

“Talking to people who have said things like, ‘Look, when I stopped it all came crashing down, I wasn’t prepared to do other things, I hadn’t taken the time to learn any other crafts, I don’t know what my other passions are, so I didn’t really focus on trying to understand what those are and create pillars,'”.

I want my transition to stop racing to be smooth because I don’t intend to do it for a while. I still feel like I’m in a good place. I would like to be able to proceed and devote all of my attention to Dawn Apollo Films, as well as resume my previous level of involvement.

A British company called Dawn Apollo Films was established last year to produce movies and television shows. One of his first significant undertakings, a Hollywood film about Formula One racing starring Brad Pitt, is currently in production. Hamilton is an executive producer on this film.

Moreover, he will be active in sports beyond that.
Along with investing in the Denver Broncos, the 38-year-old joined the NFL franchise’s ownership group last year, led by Rob Walton, the heir apparent to the Walmart fortune.

Hamilton has made some less well-known investments.
In addition to investing in several vegan food brands, he funded the grocery delivery startup Zapp.
Hugh Jackman, who plays Green Drink, and Roger Federer, who supports NotCo, a food tech company, are among those who support them.

Nevertheless, the plant-based restaurant chain Neat Burger has been one of his more successful ventures. He owns a sizeable portion of the business, which has grown significantly over the past few years to be valued at £82 million earlier this year.

In its early years, the company grew organically thanks to a number of successful London restaurants.
Additionally, the chain debuted its first restaurant outside of the UK in April when it opened a location in New York.

A well-known figure in sports was among the new wave of investors attracted by Neat Burger’s success.
Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois contributed a portion of the company’s recent £15 million fundraising, joining independent bank LionTree in funding the venture.


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