Lewis Hamilton on ‘top secret stuff’ after visiting the Mercedes factory

Lewis Hamilton on ‘top secret stuff’ after visiting the Mercedes factory

After touring the Mercedes factory, Lewis Hamilton discussed “top secret material.”.

To start, I’m not an aerodynamicist.
It’s extremely exciting, though, when you enter the wind tunnel.

Lewis Hamilton observed the engineers hard at work creating the car for the upcoming season during his visit to the Mercedes factory.
The team’s leaders are clearly frustrated after two seasons of “tapping,” and they want to find a solution so they can be a dominant force in the upcoming season.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Hamilton didn’t go into great detail about what he saw at the factory, but his excitement was clear.
Hamilton is pleased that everyone at the factory is working hard to create a car that will dominate the field.

Lewis refused to say much when asked what he saw there, saying, “I can’t tell you, it’s all top secret stuff.
I should note that I am not an aerodynamicist.
However, entering the wind tunnel is extremely exciting.

There are always new parts coming, regardless of the time of year.
The pipeline is filled with bits. Everything is constantly being tested.
I enjoy going to the workspaces where the aerodynamicists and their team are hard at work.

That’s what motivates me.
Everyone is focused and exercising due diligence.
Everyone dislikes where we are and have been for the past few years.
I am aware of their hunger and the fact that they are pursuing and exerting every effort possible.

I can then apply that to the weekend.
Despite not knowing what to anticipate from that car, Hamilton is confident in Mercedes engineers and thinks they are making the right decisions, as quoted by crash .

“I can’t say [if] it’s going to be fast, no matter what shape it’s in.
They are doing good work and are knowledgeable in their field.
They will manage to pull it together, I have complete faith in them.

Lewis Hamilton criticizes Max Verstappen.

At the Qatar Grand Prix, Max Verstappen could win the title.
Nothing occurs to Lewis Hamilton to consider it.
He once had a childhood fantasy of becoming just like Ayrton Senna.

It appears that Hamilton lost interest in doing this as soon as he was successful.
“I didn’t consider all the other champions when it came to me.
When Hamilton considered Verstappen’s potential victory, he only thought of Ayrton.

“When I was younger, my goal was to compete in Formula One, and after that, I aspired to be like Ayrton Senna. Then I won a world title. I then obtained three.
When I finally got three, it was very surreal to think that I had matched my previous record for victories and pole positions.

For me, that’s what was so amazing. But after that, of course, it does include you among the greats.
What an honorable list that is.


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