3 trades the Packers need to make to start building for the future

3 trades the Packers need to make to start building for the future

To begin laying the groundwork for the future, the Packers must make three trades.

The Green Bay Packers might have some roster soul-searching to do at the trade deadline after starting 2-3 and lacking any identity on offense.

Following a strong Week 1 performance in which they defeated the Chicago Bears, the Packers have had a difficult four games due to key injuries sustained on a weekly basis and a lack of offensive identity.
There is still time to turn things around with three games left before the October 31 trade deadline.

The Packers may need to consider their long-term strategy if they can’t gain traction, however, with difficult offensive opponents like the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams coming up before the deadline.

The Packers have instead come off as simply looking like a not-very-good football team, starting with the coaching, instead of what most expected to be a lot of ups and downs with flashes of potential from the young roster.

The team has also suffered from injuries to key players. There are instances where the Packers could improve their situation and adopt a different strategy by making a trade sooner rather than later.

The Packers must consider trades if the current pattern is to continue in order to stay competitive and position themselves for success in the future. Here are three things to think about.

To aid the Green Bay Packers’ rookie quarterback Jordan Love, they must drastically improve their rushing attack.
Unexpectedly, Green Bay’s third-worst ground game entering Week 5 frequently places Love in extended third-down scenarios.

It didn’t help that Aaron Jones was hurt. Even if he returns to full strength, the Packers’ backup running backs need to perform better.
This season, AJ Dillon hasn’t played well, averaging a terrible 2.7 yards per attempt.

Transferring running back Jonathan Taylor from the Indianapolis Colts is one option that is not an option.
Early in the season, the Packers and Colts engaged in trade negotiations; however, as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Taylor has now signed a three-year extension, so that ship has sailed.

Although the Packers won’t break the bank to acquire another running back, they ought to weigh their options.
They could use the following three deals.

a free agent named James Robinson.

Earlier this week, the Packers hosted free agent running back James Robinson for a practice.
Although no agreement has yet been reached, Robinson is still a possibility for the Packers.

Before tearing his Achilles tendon in 2021, Robinson had rushed for 1,070 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie and was poised for another productive season.
He averaged 4.2 yards per carry with the Jaguars after returning from injury, but since being traded by Jacksonville to the New York Jets, he hasn’t had many chances to do so.

After such a severe injury, Robinson might not be the same player.
Last year, he attempted 2 point 9 yards on average for the Jets.

Robinson, however, is a risk-free choice.
He was once a skilled three-down running back who could catch passes and make plays on the ground.
His chance might come from Green Bay.

the New York Jets’ Michael Carter.

Before the deadline, the Packers won’t trade for Jonathan Taylor, but that doesn’t mean they can’t acquire another running back.
On the depth chart for the New York Jets, Michael Carter, who is listed after Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook, is a name to keep an eye on.

As a substitute running back, Carter might provide more than AJ Dillon has so far this year.
Although Carter lacks Dillon’s size and strength, he is a quick runner with good vision who has a lot to offer as a receiver.

Furthermore, Dillon isn’t exactly gaining extra yards by using his strength. Pro Football Reference lists Dillon’s forced broken tackle for the year as one.
Actually, Carter broke more tackles in 2022 than Dillon did.

Carter rushed for 1,041 yards and seven touchdowns in his first two seasons with the Jets at an average of four yards per carry, while also hauling in 77 passes for 613 yards.

Carter has only carried the ball four times for 23 yards in the Jets’ first four games this season due to Hall and Cook being ahead of him in New York.

In Green Bay, Carter wouldn’t touch the ball 20 times, but he could give the struggling Packers’ rushing attack some explosiveness.
It’s a no-brainer if the Packers can acquire Carter for a Day 3 pick.

  1. Preston Smith might be exchanged by the Packers for a safety or offensive lineman.

When not covering Davante Adams in man coverage in the Packers’ defeat in Week 5, Preston Smith was a strength for the defense.

Since moving over in 2019 via free agency, Smith has remained a staple at outside linebacker for Green Bay.
He has had consistent success as a run defender and a pass rusher, sometimes even more so.

The Packers might try to trade him while he’s still performing at starter levels so that young pass rushers like Lukas Van Ness, Kingsley Enagbare, and Brenton Cox can get more opportunities.

Teams like the Rams, who let Leonard Floyd and Bobby Wagner go, and the Raiders, who recently lost Chandler Jones, can benefit from Smith’s addition.


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