Deion Sanders sends official brutal massage to his players

Deion Sanders sends official brutal massage to his players

If players love football, Deion Sanders tells them to “make up their minds.”.

Over the course of the next week, Coach Prime will need to make some important decisions.

At the press conference held early on Saturday morning, Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders wasn’t about any “foolishness.”. The Hall of Famer challenged his players after becoming irate over how his team disintegrated in the 46-43 double overtime loss to Stanford.

Sanders stated that the players needed to decide if they were enamored with the game or just liked it.
“You give to something unconditionally when you love it.
You throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. But that’s just a button you press when you like it.

The Buffs led by 29 points at the half after entering the game as strong favorites. Shedeur Sanders gave an early, Heisman-caliber performance, making them appear almost unstoppable.
But CU was outplayed on defense after leaving the locker room.

Sanders finds it difficult to have this conversation with other people.
In the world of football, few people possess the same tenacity as him.
He expects his players to possess that level of athleticism because he is one of the greatest for a reason.
Adding insult to injury, they blew the biggest lead in CU history—29 points.

For me, it’s challenging because I adore this.
I really am completely enamored with this thing, no question about it.
To be like me is all I ask of others.
Meet my heart, my passion, my love, and my constancy.

This was a somewhat more subdued version of his “Louis Luggage” speech from the start of the season.
Throughout the bye week, Sanders will have more time to pick up the pieces.
To be eligible for the postseason, Colorado needs to win two games going into the second half of the season.
That undoubtedly becomes more difficult to do after CU’s defeat to Stanford, who many thought would be CU’s lone victory of the campaign.

The 2010 collapse against is what Colorado supporters compare this loss to. Kansas or the disastrous 2018 game against Oregon State.
With losses in both games, the Buffs gave up a 28-point lead and ended those seasons at 5-7 without making the postseason.


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