Lewis Hamilton faces further F1 probe over Qatar Grand Prix incident despite hefty fine

Lewis Hamilton faces further F1 probe over Qatar Grand Prix incident despite hefty fine

Notwithstanding his substantial fine, Lewis Hamilton is subject to additional F1 investigation regarding the Qatar Grand Prix incident.

After crashing into George Russell early in the race, Hamilton crossed the track while the Safety Car was in motion.

Following the FIA’s confirmation that they are “revisiting” an incident involving the British driver at the Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton may find himself in hot water.

At the beginning of the race, Hamilton tried to pass Mercedes driver and race leader Max Verstappen, but he collided with teammate George Russell.

Ignoring safety procedures, the seven-time world champion crossed the track when the race was being overseen by the Safety Car.
Stewards chastised him and then fined him a hefty €50,000 (£43,400) for his misdeeds.

Although the FIA has voiced concerns about the example being set, half of the fine is suspended provided there are no more safety violations for the remainder of the year.

“Lewis Hamilton’s incident where he crossed a live track during the Qatar Grand Prix is being reviewed by the FIA,” an FIA spokesperson stated.

“The FIA records that Lewis expressed regret and acknowledged that the crossing constituted a significant safety violation during the ensuing Stewards hearing into the incident.
But given his reputation as a role model, the FIA is worried about the impression his actions might have given younger drivers.

For several years, F1 executives have been pressing drivers to refrain from racing, which has resulted in the implementation of safety protocols. It occurs after a rival driver struck a karting driver last week, causing leg injuries.

After the race, Hamilton said he took full responsibility for the crash last week, saying, “I have watched the replay and it was 100% my fault.”.
We had no intention of getting together.
We have all worked incredibly hard to get to that point, so I’m just incredibly devastated for the team and sad for everyone for my part in it.

In addition, he had to refute rumors that he and Russell had a tense relationship.
Russell said, “I really appreciate him apologizing for that.”.
Two people are involved in every incident.

“We just want to place second in the constructors’ championship.
That is our only objective.
That was a significant opportunity lost for us, which is why we are frustrated.


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