Lewis Hamilton: FIA reassessing penalty for crossing track without permission at Qatar GP

Lewis Hamilton: FIA reassessing penalty for crossing track without permission at Qatar GP

Lewis Hamilton: The FIA revised the sanction for his unauthorized track crossing during the Qatar Grand Prix.

On the opening lap of the Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton collided with George Russell, another member of the Mercedes team.

Lewis Hamilton was given a penalty at the Qatar Grand Prix for illegally crossing the track, and the ruling body of Formula 1 is reviewing it.

Hamilton received a formal reprimand in addition to a 50,000 euro (£34,700) fine, of which half was suspended.

A spokesperson stated, “Given his status as a role model, the FIA is concerned about the impact his actions may have had on younger drivers.

According to the statement, Hamilton had expressed “remorse” during the initial hearing.

Lewis Hamilton accidentally crossed a live track during the Qatar Grand Prix, according to an FIA spokesperson.

Hamilton “acknowledged that the crossing was a serious safety breach at the time,” it was further stated.

The incident took place after Hamilton’s exit from the Qatar Grand Prix on the opening lap due to a collision with George Russell of the Mercedes team.

The driver of car 44 (Hamilton) left it in the gravel and ran back to the pits, according to the stewards’ investigation report from the incident on October 8th.

He did so to cross the track, which was active at the time, and he arrived at the inside edge of the track just as Russell’s car, number 63, was about to arrive from the pits at a high rate of speed.

After that, he kept strolling next to the track until he eventually left it.

The stewards went on to say that Hamilton had been “very sorry and realized that the situation could have been very dangerous for him as well as the approaching drivers.

The stewards emphasized to the drivers the need to exercise extreme caution when crossing a live track because doing so can result in extremely dangerous situations.

Although drivers are allowed to cross the track, the F1 rule addressing this issue emphasizes that they must only do so after “obtaining permission to do so from a marshal.”.

Following the events in Qatar, it is the FIA’s second investigation of an incident.

Lance Stroll, an Aston Martin driver who had a poor qualifying performance, sent an apology to the FIA on Friday, the organization announced.


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