Travis Hunter penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after incident vs. Stanford

Travis Hunter penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after incident vs. Stanford

The star player for the Buffaloes had an outstanding game upon his return.

Travis Hunter, a two-way star for the Colorado Buffaloes who missed the previous three games due to a lacerated liver, is back in the lineup.
In Colorado’s 46-43 loss to Stanford on Friday night, he ended up participating on both sides of the ball.

Hunter had 13 receptions for 140 yards and two touchdowns, which led the Buffs.
Moreover, he made five defensive tackles. Many anticipated the star player in college football would return in October.
following CU’s bye week, 28 against UCLA.
Hunter, however, entered the field without counting the number of snaps.

Hunter’s 24-yard spin and run for a touchdown on Colorado’s subsequent possession.
After crossing the goal line, he dropped the ball and kneeled to pray.
Following his actions, the referee crew raised a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.
The decision regarding the play was about to be raised by no one.
After rejoining the Buffs lineup, it was Hunter’s first touchdown.

Unsportsmanlike behavior is punishable by the NCAA in the following ways, among others: “Taunting and screaming obscenities, cursing the officials in a loud and abusive manner, leaping to your feet, beating your chest, showboating in front of the crowd, and exchanging ‘high-fives’ with the spectators.
“Praying is not mentioned in any particular language that is connected to any laws.

Husain Abdullah, a former NFL player, received a penalty in a 2014 game that was comparable to the one Hunter received.
After scoring, he slid to his knees and prayed, earning him a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The NFL later acknowledged it was a mistake.


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