Green Bay Packers: NFL fines defender who horse-collared Christian Watson in Week 5.

Green Bay Packers: NFL fines defender who horse-collared Christian Watson in Week 5.

There were numerous ways that the Green Bay Packers’ defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders could have transpired. There were multiple plays that could have shifted the momentum of the game in Green Bay’s favor if they had been executed just a little differently.
On the final drive of the game for the Packers, for example, Christian Watson would have likely caught a touchdown rather than Jordan Love being called for an interception if he had not allowed a five-foot-nine cornerback to body him on a 50/50 ball.

When it comes to plays that have the potential to change games, Love’s 77-yard pass to Watson—which should have resulted in a touchdown—stands out the most. Raiders cornerback Marcus Peters, however, brought Watson down short of the goal line with a horse-collar tackle, preventing a touchdown.

Naturally, horse collar tackles are prohibited. Peters received the proper penalty, and the Packers gained half the goal’s distance in addition to the completion yardage.
Ten to ten was the score at that point.
Despite the short field, Green Bay was unable to find the end zone and instead took a field goal to lead 13–10.

That tackle is cited by many as one of the game’s pivotal moments, as Las Vegas ultimately prevailed 17–13.

For his horse-collar tackle of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson, Marcus Peters was fined by the NFL.

Peters was fined $13,378 for his illegal tackle on Watson, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network:.

Raiders CB Marcus Peters was fined $13,378 by the NFL for unwarranted roughness after he made a horse-collar tackle on Packers WR Christian Watson, which prevented the Packers from scoring in Monday night’s victory.
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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio described the tackle as an example of how it prevented a potentially game-changing touchdown.

“To save a touchdown, Marcus Peters made an illegal horse-collar tackle.”.
It might have changed the game’s outcome.
If a TD is awarded when this occurs going forward, the league should at least discuss the matter.

Green Bay would have been up 17–10 and could have played longer in overtime if Watson had been permitted to score.

The Packers could have gone 4-1 with two plays left.

When the Green Bay Packers were down 31–26 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC championship playoff game on Sunday, January 26, head coach Matt LaFleur challenged a pass interference call in the fourth quarter. 24, 2021, at Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field.
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Assume for the purposes of argument that Watson scored the touchdown.
Up 17–10 is Green Bay.
Moreover, suppose that Las Vegas scores the game-winning touchdown, so that the Packers are leading 17–17 heading into their last drive.

With seconds left, Love and the offense move into field goal position as opposed to throwing the interception. Anders Carlson could have made the game-winning field goal if this had happened.

The Packers’ offense faltered in the second half of Week Two’s game while running back Bijan Robinson exploited their defense.
With a resounding comeback, the Falcons won 25–22.

Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander was the recipient of a pass from Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder earlier in the game.
With an open field in front of him, he could have easily returned the potential interception for a touchdown.
Still, he let it drop.
Atlanta would not have been able to match the Packers’ score without the additional point.

two productions. two defeats.
Two wins that should have been.
Although Packers supporters may be disappointed with their team’s current record of 2-3, consider how close they were to finishing 4-1.
And if they entered the Bye Week 4-1, what story would that be?

Our conversation would revolve around them as possible NFC opponents.
Although it hasn’t been particularly attractive, this team is capable of winning games.
All they have to do is put it all together.


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