The hits keep on coming for Coach Prime and Colorado Buffaloes Football.

The hits keep on coming for Coach Prime and Colorado Buffaloes Football.

After the Buffaloes’ overtime loss to Stanford on Friday night, when they blew a 29-point halftime lead, the blows just keep coming for Deion Sanders and Colorado.
Following comedian Kenan Thompson’s portrayal of the rookie coach, Sanders and his team were the focus of this weekend’s live episode of Saturday Night Live.

Host Colin Jost made jokes about Colorado’s 4-3 record and how the Buffaloes embarrassed themselves in front of the entire country.

We had a 29-0 lead at the halfway point, wasn’t that crazy?
I then went home and slept,” Thompson said on the radio.

After beginning the season with a highly-publicized 3-0 record, the Buffaloes (4-3, 1-3 in the Pac-12) have now dropped three of their last four games, endangering their chances of making the bowl.

Sanders said, via BuffStampede, “They have to decide whether they are in love or just kind of into this game.”.
I can say with absolute certainty that I love this thing to the fullest extent possible. I simply want to be matched by people. Just match my commitment to this game, my love for it, my consistency, my mannerisms—just match everything I put into it.
It’s fantastic.
Unfortunately, despite how much I love it, the game doesn’t even pretend to be able to love you back.
Yes, that is a peculiar love.

According to Sanders, his team’s complacency started to show in the second quarter and continued into the second half.

“At halftime, I spoke with him about the old adage that claims the score is 0-0, but that is untrue.
Sanders said, “It’s 29 to nothing.
“However, I sensed complacency going into the break because our offense stalled. We also lost some yardage.
I didn’t like the way I was feeling when I went in for halftime.
We come back out, and there they are—that team I can’t stand, you can’t stand, and you wonder how in the world that could happen to us.
But it did, and I don’t think it turned back on until late in the fourth quarter, when we were able to go down and score.
We go down, and then they tie it, and then we go to overtime, which you don’t want to do because they have nothing to lose.

“I was surprised that they made a field goal on their first attempt; I had assumed they would just try to finish the game quickly by kicking for two.
They remained strong, though. They achieved a significant victory.
awful loss on our part.
Let’s move on.

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After the break, the Buffaloes were helpless against Stanford’s passing attack, which led to yet another Colorado defensive failure.


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