what Stefanski said to the Browns following their victory.

what Stefanski said to the Browns following their victory.

Nearly no one predicted the Cleveland Browns to triumph over the unbeaten San Francisco 49ers, but they did so.

After Sunday’s victory at home, Coach Kevin Stefanski informed the team in the locker room that he witnessed the altercation from the start of the game until its conclusion.

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He exclaimed, “I saw it in your eyes in pregame,” to the cheers of the players. I witnessed it.
I witnessed the values of this group.
We’re not perfect, let’s be clear about that.
However, our football team is strong.
A good football team is what we have when we stick together.
” .

In his statement, Coach Stefanski made reference to the altercation that started prior to kickoff.

The 49ers felt that the Browns players were being disrespected.

Before Trent Williams of San Francisco burst in like a bouncer and broke it up, there were a few tense moments.

Juan Thornhill, a safety for the Browns, was direct when answering a question about it in a post-game interview, stating that it wasn’t the only issue that had the team on edge.

Browns celebrate victory, saying they “should be at practice.”.

“Honestly, everything you see this week.
People claim they don’t see the content on social media, which is all you see. I saw it, I’ll admit it.
We all recently observed that some of our fans did not believe in us, which irritated me.
Clearly, the 49ers believed they could simply walk all over us when they arrived. But as I’ve already mentioned, I had faith all week, and it paid off as we won.
” .

The Browns (3-2) will play the Colts (3-3) on Sunday in Indianapolis, but first, it appears Stefanski has given the team a day off from practice.

In the video of the post-game celebration, Stefanksi asks the players, “You guys want to come in tomorrow?” The response is mixed, with one player shouting, “Victory Monday!” Stefanksi then instructs the team, “Get a lift on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll see you Wednesday.
Cheers erupted in response to the announcement.


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