Helmut Marko throws jabs at Lewis Hamilton pointing out his mistakes ‘He finally admitted’

Helmut Marko throws jabs at Lewis Hamilton pointing out his mistakes ‘He finally admitted’

Lewis Hamilton receives jabs from Helmut Marko who calls out his errors, saying “He finally admitted.”.

While reprimanding Sergio Perez, Helmut Marko hit Lewis Hamilton.

Helmut Marko has been very candid about his own worries and those of his rivals. The Red Bull advisor has made a few digs at the two undisputed Mercedes drivers.
The other day, Marko attacked Toto Wolff in addition to Lewis Hamilton.

Qatar Mistake by Lewis Hamilton.

George Russell, a teammate of Hamilton’s, was struck at the start of the race in Qatar. The Stevenage driver disqualified both Mercedes competitors from the race.
Later, the “44” admitted full responsibility for the accident at the Losail track.
“I have reviewed the accident’s replay, and I accept full responsibility.
I’m sorry to the team and George,” he said modestly.

So Marko could criticize the seven-time world champion with ease.
When asked about Lewis’ admission of failure at the start of the Qatar GP, the seasoned manager told OE24, “He has finally started to admit the mistakes he makes.”.

Also speaking on Wolff was Helmut Marko.

Since Max Verstappen has been crushing the opposition, Marko has been riding high ever since he was named a three-time champion in Qatar.
While Red Bull is at the top of the F1 world, Marko did not think twice to point out that the Mercedes team manager underrated the Dutchman when he first started to show signs of being a future F1 star.

By the way, Mr. Wolff said he didn’t see the talent in Max and then preferred to sign Ocon, referring to the fact that the head of the Brackley team opted to be the representative of the now-Alpine driver.
An obvious error.


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