Packers coordinators speak coming out of the bye week

Packers coordinators speak coming out of the bye week

Following their bye week, the coordinators for the Packers speak.

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the first quarter, Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry (foreground) is pictured with special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia.
The Green Bay Packers were defeated 20–16 by the Detroit Lions.
Packers 08-15.

Following the team’s bye week, assistant coaches Adam Stenavich, Joe Barry, and Rich Bisaccia of the Green Bay Packers spoke with the gathered media on Monday.

The Packers, who are 2-3 and on a two-game losing streak, are getting ready to take on the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

An offer to supporters of the Packers.

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On Wed, Matt LaFleur will speak with the press.

Below are the key points made by every coordinator for the Packers on Monday:.

Adam Stenavich, coordinator of offense.

The Packers must get more movement with combo blocks in their downhill run game.
“We will continue to focus on that area going forward.
Require improved methodology.
pad depth.

Throughout an entire game, Rasheed Walker must stop “some of the really bad plays.”.
demands attention to detail.

— Referred to Luke Musgrave as a playmaker.
said that in order to “get him more involved” in the passing game, the Packers must find a way.

Regarding Aaron Jones: He has the ability to maximize successful plays and minimize unsuccessful ones.
We can trust this guy.
Good things are going to happen if we get him the ball 12–15 times in a game.
“Something cool happens” when Jordan Love gets the ball to another guy.
able to release the quarterback from pressure.

Concerning Love’s completion percentage: We must support him in continuing to be a more effective offensive player.
Too many situations where it’s second or third and long.
Better performance is required on the first and second downs.

Playing the on-screen game: Getting lucky with appearances but missing out on big plays.
Blockers do a better job of reaching their targets.

Joe Barry, the coordinator of defense.

Barry thought the defense had a good playside.
“How incredibly hard our guys played.
indicated the two matches (against Atlanta, vs.
The biggest drawback of the first five games (for Detroit) was giving up more than 200 rushing yards.

Regarding Rudy Ford: “Recall that we signed Rudy Ford during the first week of the previous season.
He’s a prime example of why you should have an offseason.”. More acclimated to the system by year two.
Loves his weekly approach.

About uniformity: “I believe that we’re looking for uniformity as a team.
being able to build up a few excellent weeks on top of one another.

— Happy with how Eric Wilson and Isaiah McDuffie performed in the match.
The Takers. They assume that they are the starting lineup every time they play.

— Regarding Preston Smith’s coverage of Davante Adams: Preston was asked to drop a coverage.
Packers lacked a way to avoid the coverage.
See here for further information.

Regarding Eric Stokes’ comeback: It’s a good issue to have too many corners.

Rich Bisaccia is coordinator of special teams.

Regarding the Broncos’ rematch, rookie Marvin Mims is performing incredibly well.
“That guy back there is dangerous—he’s their weapon.”.

During the week off, I looked into punt protection issues.
In addition, maintaining punt coverage lane coverage and discipline as well as ensuring personnel alignment with designated special teams groups.

Isaiah McDuffie and Eric Wilson have a lot of defensive and special teams snaps to play.
Having Kristian Welch play in all four phases of special teams after being promoted from the practice squad was beneficial.

In Denver, wind is a factor.
“We’ll see how the day turns out. Ball moves through that area with ease.
Quarter to quarter, the weather can change.

The field goal is operating smoothly. Called it a “work in progress,” but so far, the operation has been “on task.”.

The media will hear from coach Matt LaFleur on Wednesday after practice.
On Wednesday, the team will also receive its first injury report for the seventh week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are practice days.
The Packers travel to Denver this weekend to play Russell Wilson and the 1-4 Broncos after a final injury report is released on Friday.


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