Mike Tomlin latest interview attracts criticism from angry fans

Mike Tomlin latest interview attracts criticism from angry fans

Mike Tomlin: During the bye, the Steelers did nothing “cutting edge.”.

Nothing radically different from what you’re used to will be on display when you watch the Pittsburgh Steelers vs.
Los Angeles Rams game on Sunday.

When making adjustments to the game plans in response to the team’s pre-bye performance, Mike Tomlin acknowledged that he and his staff didn’t do anything ground-breaking or inventive.

At his weekly Tuesday press conference, Tomlin said, “You can be assured that every team in the National Football League goes into self-analysis during bye weeks, and they come through and look critically at every component of what it is that they do — whether it’s strategy or schematics, the division of labor or the development of individual players.”.
“In that sense, we didn’t do anything novel or innovative. Rest assured that we performed our research. “.

Mike Tomlin: “Don’t worry—during the week off, every NFL team conducts a self-evaluation. “.”.

Naturally, Tomlin refrained from going into specifics about the modifications that were made, saying as much five times during the 20-minute press conference.
All we can do is wait and see how their efforts turn out.

He is aware of the perception that the Steelers have been lacking in almost every facet of their game.
Rather than address the media, he has opted to respond by demonstrating it on the field.

We acknowledge that, as a result of our performance, we have taken in some negative energy.
We are sufficiently manly to take in that negativity and maintain a laser-like focus on the work that is necessary to bring about change.
We simply want to improve, and we will keep doing that without regard to who is to blame or what kind of justifications we might have. This Sunday is a chance to demonstrate advancement in that area.

This week, Joey Porter Jr. is what we anticipate to be different.
more involvement from tight ends, a team that is motivated to win, and Broderick Jones as starters at their respective positions.


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