NHL trade rumors: Latest update on Elias Lindholm contract talks

NHL trade rumors: Latest update on Elias Lindholm contract talks

Current information on Elias Lindholm’s contract negotiations in NHL trade rumors.

Following the Bruins’ 3-1 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks at TD Garden on opening night, Michael Holley and Michael Felger respond.

Though teams have until March 9, 2024, to prepare their trade target boards and set the stage for future deals, they can start doing so now.

In the upcoming months, a player who is expected to spark a lot of trade rumors and conjecture is Calgary Flames No. Elias Lindholm, center one.
There will be a lot of conversation about the top-six forward’s future with the Flames because he is in the final year of his contract and he has not signed an extension before the trade deadline.

What has happened with Lindholm in Calgary recently?

LeBrun went on, “It’s a good thing that the conversation is going on; I don’t feel like any boundaries are being established.”.
On the other hand, there hasn’t been much movement as far as I can tell, regarding the Flames’ contract offer that was made a week after the June draft and the Lindholm camp sharing its counter position.

Lindholm’s contract extension of last week, which was for seven years and $595 million, is a good comparison, according to LeBrun, for Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele.
Scheifele may have been more offensively explosive than the Flames center, but he is two years younger and plays better defense.

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet stated last week on his 32 Thoughts podcast that “Boston will be lurking as long as players like Lindholm and (Mark) Scheifele are unsigned.”.
Though the Lindholm segment was noteworthy, the episode was recorded prior to Scheifele signing his extension.

Speaking of possible landing spots for Lindholm, the Boston Bruins are frequently mentioned.
Considering the Bruins’ need for a top-six center, it makes sense.
However, if 19-year-old forward Matthew Poitras keeps up his impressive play and plays his whole career in Boston, that could change.

Additionally, Lindholm would fit in well in Boston thanks to his excellent two-way skill set; two years ago, he came in second in the Selke Trophy elections. The Boston Bruins expect their centers to contribute to special teams, kill penalties, and play a responsible defensive role. Lindholm is the right person for that.

Getting Lindholm as a rental would be a complete waste for the Bruins.
If something can be worked out, it would be best to trade and extend, much like Boston did with Hampus Lindholm in 2022.
Lindholm’s extension could result in a large sum of money, assuming Scheifele’s new salary cap hit of $8.5 million is ultimately reached.
According to CapFriendly, the Bruins may have roughly $26 million in cap space available to them in the upcoming offseason, but they will also need to re-sign key players like Jake DeBrusk and Jeremy Swayman.

However, legitimate top-six centers come at a hefty price. The only way to acquire them for a low price is to draft and develop, and center is a position where the Bruins have a history of failing to do so.

From a talent, fit, and need standpoint, Lindholm makes a lot of sense for the Bruins.
It’s important to remember that the Bruins don’t have a ton of elite-level prospects, nor do they have any 2024 or 2025 second-round picks or first-round picks.
The question is, do the Bruins have enough quality trade assets to outbid any other interested teams?
However, the Bruins ought to at least attempt to work out a deal with him if he becomes available.
Lindholm deserves a sizable trade package.

Though it doesn’t seem like anything is going to happen soon regarding Lindholm, his circumstances in Calgary are undoubtedly something to keep an eye on as long as he is unsigned.
As the trade deadline draws closer, he might be the player who gets talked about the most.


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