Coach Prime official massage to Buffaloes during week off

Coach Prime official massage to Buffaloes during week off

Deion Sanders reinforces the concept of “No Means No” and cautions players to exercise discipline.

Coach Prime wants the Buffaloes to maintain their concentration during their week off.

Prior to problems arising, Deion Sanders has never shied away from pointing them out.
Being ahead of the curve is something the Colorado Buffaloes coach enjoys doing, particularly when it comes to his players.
He unveiled a set of expectations with very significant messages for the bye week on Wednesday.

The first was a general statement for the entire speech and was self-explanatory.
According to Sanders, “Don’t do anything that can cost you opportunities.” via Well Off Media.

Although it’s a general guideline in life, there are instances when it needs to be reminded.
Which made sense, this one also went into greater detail about Coach Prime.
There’s a hidden cost associated with accepting anything from someone you don’t know, so avoid doing so. Nothing is free,” Sanders said.

The next was something Coach Prime wanted his team to really consider.

Sanders commanded, “Don’t take anything that isn’t given to you.”.
“Anything is good, particularly coming from a girl.
We refer to that as rape.
Is it clear to you that there is a thin line between that?

Because of this, three to four young men are lost annually from most universities. I want you to be none of those.
Did you get that? No is never okay.
No is never okay.
No, really, no.

Sanders continued by emphasizing to his players the importance of acting like gents. He also pushed them to be excellent during their break by making wise choices and doing what they needed to.
This entails maintaining physical and mental fitness in addition to learning everything there is to know about UCLA in the extra week of preparation.

Following a 46-43 double-overtime loss to Stanford last Friday, Colorado’s week has been difficult from the outset. Sanders and the Buffaloes will overcome this setback and return stronger than before, though.
On October 25, they take on the 25th-ranked Bruins at the Rose Bowl.
CU’s next nationally televised game will air on ABC.


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