Red Bull instructed Sergio Perez to be fired and to be replaced “immediately” with an unexpected F1 star.

Red Bull instructed Sergio Perez to be fired and to be replaced “immediately” with an unexpected F1 star.

After Max Verstappen outperformed Sergio Perez once again this season, the Red Bull team has a possible replacement on the roster.
This puts pressure on Perez’s position.

The New Zealander should be substituted for Sergio Perez as soon as possible, according to Liam Lawson’s former team manager, Helmut Marko.

Even though he has the fastest car on the Formula 1 grid this season, the Mexican racer is having form issues at Red Bull.
Although he currently holds the second position in the championship, if his performance doesn’t improve, Lewis Hamilton could overtake him.

But in his first taste of Formula One action, rookie Lawson left a lasting impression.
During five races, he filled in for the injured Daniel Ricciardo at sister team AlphaTauri, drawing attention with his performance.

To secure a 2024 AlphaTauri race seat, Lawson’s efforts proved insufficient.
Next year, Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda will still be competing, and the New Zealander will continue to serve as both Red Bull teams’ reserve driver for an additional year.

Nevertheless, Lawson’s previous employer thinks he’s accomplished enough to join Red Bull Racing right away rather than the AlphaTauri team.
After overseeing the 21-year-old’s first F4 European racing venture, Frits van Amersfoort believes he has what it takes to be Max Verstappen’s partner after five years.

When Formula 1 .
nl asked Van Amersfoort if he had predicted Lawson would adjust to Formula 1 so quickly, he replied, “I did expect that, I thought he could do it because he is mentally well suited to it.”.
And in response, he said, “Right away,” when asked if he believed Lawson ought to take Perez’s place.

The Dutchman went on, “He gets into the car the same way Max does.
Although I don’t have the same name as Helmut or the same resources at his disposal, I would still be brave enough to attempt it.
Still, I would rather do that than have someone bring history alone.
I think that Liam can only succeed.

Red Bull advisor Marko made the suggestion that Perez might require a change of scenery in order to regain his peak performance.
“Perez is suffering right now because of Verstappen’s unfortunate situation, even though I brought him into the team.
The Austrian stated, “That also applied to [Pierre] Gasly.”.

Perez requires a shift in both the team and the atmosphere, according to that perspective.
Watch how the next two races play out.
He knows he’s in a crisis, though, and so does the team.
Just before the Mexican Grand Prix, you don’t want to hear my opinion on [whether Perez should leave].

But Christian Horner, the team’s principal, is adamant that his group will honor Perez’s current contract for the whole duration.
When that expires at the conclusion of the 2024 season, Red Bull will evaluate all of its options going forward.


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