Brooks Koepka gets brutally honest about why he signed “nine-figure” LIV Golf contract

Brooks Koepka gets brutally honest about why he signed “nine-figure” LIV Golf contract

When asked why he agreed to a “nine-figure” contract with LIV Golf, Brooks Koepka is frank.

Last summer, Brooks Koepka emerged as one of the most prominent figures to join LIV Golf.
The American athlete has now revealed the enormous financial offer that lured him to the position.

Following his disclosure of the primary driver behind his choice to join the Saudi-backed league, Brooks Koepka has disclosed that he was paid a nine-figure signing bonus when he joined LIV Golf.

Following his departure from the PGA Tour to join the breakaway circuit last summer, Koepka emerged as one of LIV’s most significant acquisitions.
For several players, including Koepka, the massive signing bonuses offered by the Saudi-backed league were too good to pass up.

After moving to Saudi Arabia sixteen months ago, the 33-year-old talked about the enormous signing bonus of over £82 million ($100 million) he received to play in Greg Norman’s breakaway league.

He stated on the BS with Jake Paul Podcast, “It [the LIV Golf signing fee] was good.”.
In [numbers], it was nine.
To put it another way, I thought it was pretty good.
Many criticized those who opted to join the LIV setup, calling the breakaway league the latest tool in Saudi Arabia’s campaign of sportswashing.

Many were quick to clarify that they made the decision to move to Saudi Arabia because they wanted to “grow the game” of golf, not because they were motivated by money.
Koepka was forthright about the reason for his transfer to the Breakaway League, stating that the money was simply too good to refuse.

He said, “I’ll be honest with you, I signed for the dough, and I fully support that.”.
“It’s uncertain if I’ll be in a car accident tomorrow and be unable to play golf again, but having my family taken care of was important to me.
I’m not doing it for any other reason.

“Most of the people who go to their 9–5 jobs dislike it, but they go because they get paid, which is the same as us.
One of several well-known figures to abandon the PGA Tour in favor of the Saudi-sponsored circuit was Koepka.

Due to his dissatisfaction with players’ media rights, he traced the influence of Phil Mickelson as the driving force behind the PGA Tour exodus, but he still followed in the footsteps of players like Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Lee Westwood.
“Phil Mickelson was a big part of it,” Koepka continued.

His advocacy for media rights was strong.
having self-rights.
He took issue with the fact that we play but never get to capture our moments because the tour owns them, which is difficult.


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