Colorado injury return takes pressure off upperclassman transfer

Colorado injury return takes pressure off upperclassman transfer

As reported by Nick Ferguson of BuffaloBeat, Travis Jay’s return to Colorado football is expected to relieve some of the pressure on fellow Florida State defensive back transfer Omarion Cooper. Ferguson praised Cooper for maintaining his position on a defense that has generally been vulnerable outside of the secondary.

Before adding, “It will help take some weight off Omarion Cooper, who has held down the right cornerback spot since the start of the season, Jay’s return is great news for the Buffs secondary heading into the final stretch of the season,” Ferguson explained.
We’ll see how this affects Colorado’s defense moving forward as they rank almost last in the Pac-12 in terms of points allowed.

Coach Prime formed a defense that has led to early deficits and blown second-half leads, all of which have resulted in losses this season.
He did this by using FSU, his alma mater, with whom he is not the best of friends.
His five transfers were all defensive players.
But aside from the Nebraska game, the Pac-12’s worst defense hasn’t demonstrated consistent effort as a unit.

Omarion Cooper picked Colorado football because Coach Prime was from his hometown.

Cooper gave the University of Colorado his all-time credit for his decision, citing Boulder’s natural beauty and his relationship with Coach Prime—a fellow Fort Myers native—as reasons (h/t On3).

Before stating, “Why not get coached by the best and a head coach who is from the same city as me?,” Cooper began, “What stood out was the beautiful town and landscape! The amazing people there and the coaching staff have lots of NFL experience.”.

Cooper is clearly enjoying CU enough to give it his all and receive the go-ahead to play each week from the Colorado coaching staff, demonstrating that he is sufficiently prepared each week to avoid being called out by Coach Prime.


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