Lewis Hamilton launches fresh attack on FIA as Perez breaks silence on retiring

Lewis Hamilton launches fresh attack on FIA as Perez breaks silence on retiring

Verstappen dismisses Red Bull civil war rumors as “bulls***.”.

When reports of a disagreement between team president Christian Horner and advisor Helmut Marko surfaced, Max Verstappen slammed them as “bulls***.”.

After the 80-year-old’s disparaging remarks about Sergio Perez earlier in the season, there were reports that Horner was looking to phase Marko out of the spotlight at Red Bull.

Verstappen said, “From the outside, people are basically trying to talk BS.

“The team is in a great mood, and everyone is clear on their responsibilities. Of course, Dietrich [Mateschitz’s] death last year brought about sad times.

However, we have worked hard to maintain this legacy and keep the team moving forward. Everyone on the team at this time is crucial to the current level of success.
I believe that essentially explains it and explains why there won’t be any changes in the future.

As he “forgets” a Ferrari milestone, Leclerc is left looking furious.

Inadvertently forgetting that Sunday’s race will be his 100th in the Ferrari colors, Charles Leclerc was left feeling awkward before the US Grand Prix.

Therefore, the Monegasque driver was left without a special helmet design to mark the occasion.

The 26-year-old will instead be sporting a design with an all-green base and pitch markings etched into the sides of the helmet for the most recent outing at the Circuit of the Americas.
“Touchdown in Austin” is written on the new lid’s top.

Leclerc wrote on his social media accounts, “I forgot this was my 100th GP with @scuderiaferrari, so this special helmet design doesn’t make sense but it’s beautiful.
Take a look at that green.

Joe Krishnan, 07:51 minutes ago.

Russell calls the fine system “obscene” as drivers face a sizable bill.

After his Mercedes teammate was severely fined for crossing the track in Qatar, George Russell defended Lewis Hamilton.
After the FIA unveiled a new fine structure this week, the British driver promised to bring up the matter with them.

After the most recent World Motor Sport Council meeting, the maximum fine a driver could receive was increased to an eye-watering £870,000 (€1m), from the previous regulations’ maximum of £217,000 (€250,000).

It comes as no surprise that some of the drivers have responded strongly to this, and Russell, who is currently the chair of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, has made it clear where he stands.

When questioned about the FIA’s new fines, Russell said, “I think it’s pretty ridiculous that a driver could be fined €1m.

“In my first year of Formula 1, I was making a five-figure salary, but I actually lost over six figures because I had to pay for my trainer, flights, and an assistant.
And for about 25% of the grid, that is probably the situation.


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