Red Sox Outfielder Reportedly ‘Most Logical Trade Candidate’ After Rollercoaster Season

Red Sox Outfielder Reportedly ‘Most Logical Trade Candidate’ After Rollercoaster Season

After a wild season, the Red Sox outfielder is reportedly the “most logical trade candidate.”.

One of the team’s supporters may end up leaving Boston during the offseason.

It’s possible that the Boston Red Sox will trade away a fan favorite this offseason.

This offseason is vital because Boston has only won 78 games in the previous two seasons.
Once the Red Sox appoint a new head of baseball operations, they will face several difficult choices, and outfielder Alex Verdugo’s future is among the first that matters to be decided.

Though inconsistent, the young outfielder has occasionally looked like an All-Star and was the main reason Boston traded for outfielder Mookie Betts.
At this point, the club may decide to move him because there have also been other problems in the clubhouse.
There have been rumors that a trade might occur this offseason.
Verdugo was even rated as baseball’s eighteenth-best trade chip by Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report.

“Hitting .281, the 27-year-old has been a mainstay in the Red Sox lineup for the previous four seasons.

He has averaged 41 doubles, 14 home runs, 68 RBI, and 2 points worth of WAR every 162 games, good for a 105 OPS+, but he has never quite matured into the superstar that many had anticipated,” Reuter stated.
Now that Ceddanne Rafaela is prepared for a longer look in the major leagues and Jarren Duran is making waves, the Red Sox have a crowded outfield.

In order to improve the starting rotation, Verdugo is the most sensible trade candidate and might be the main player in a trade.

This is not very shocking. Duran, Rafaela, Masataka Yoshida, and Wilyer Abreu all have contracts, so the outfield may be crowded.
Verdugo has been mentioned in trade rumors for the most of the season.
In addition, Boston might decide to add Adam Duvall back to the team.

To strengthen the rotation, Verdugo might be a very intriguing trade addition.
With a few stars already linked to the team, the Red Sox’s starting rotation is their biggest weakness.
It might make even more sense to trade Verdugo for a starter if the Red Sox are unable to sign high-priced free agents.


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