Verstappen prepared to ‘let someone else’ drive Red Bull to test theory

Verstappen prepared to ‘let someone else’ drive Red Bull to test theory

Verstappen told reporters, including RacingNews365, “I will happily let anyone else drive my car and see if they can do better with track limits.”.

“Some tracks just have a lot of runoff, so naturally you probably the limits a bit easier because, for instance, in Suzuka and that’s a bit more of an old school track, we never really talk about track limits.

“I feel like with some of these new tracks that you’re more focused on a Quali lap to not cross a white line than actually finding the limit or just the pure enjoyment of pushing,” said the athlete.
“The latest track standards, they have a thing to do with it and it’s a bit of a shame.”.

“It’s more like you’re asking yourself, “Did I make it or not?
Oh, yeah, I made it.

It’s kind of strange.
This weekend will likely be the same as last, so we need to improve.

The red and white painted kerbs, rather than white lines, are, in Charles Leclerc’s opinion, a more effective way to indicate to drivers where the track’s limits are.

The Monegasque said, “I’ve always preferred, in the past, to use the red and white kerb because this is a reference that we can actually feel inside the car, whereas the white line… we are so low in the car that it’s very difficult to see exactly where we are.

“If we are two centimeters off the mark or exactly on the line, it’s very challenging, but with the kerb, you can feel much more about what’s happening and it’s a better reference.


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