Jordan shares ‘worrying’ Newey belief about 2024 Red Bull

Jordan shares ‘worrying’ Newey belief about 2024 Red Bull

Former team manager Eddie Jordan has revealed that Adrian Newey believes the Red Bull RB19’s progress will not be able to keep up until 2024.

Red Bull have dominated this season, winning 16 out of 17 matches.
In Singapore, Max Verstappen took 14 wins and qualified for his third World Championship.
While the team won the constructors’ title in Japan, its closest rivals fluctuated from race to race and none of Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin or McLaren were able to consistently test in multiple Grands Prix .

Reigning champions Red Bull have a lower CFD and wind tunnel allocation than other teams, but former Jordan Grand Prix manager Newey shares the same sentiments about the Milton Keynes-based RB20.
Jordan’s new claim

“Recently I was at a party with Adrian Newey, we’re cyclists together in Cape Town,” four-time Grand Prix winner Jordan explained to Talksport.

“Adrian believes that the technological advances we have today will be very difficult for anyone to keep up with.
“So guys, get ready for some fun or exciting times next year, depending on whether you’re a Red Bull fan or not.”


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