Max Verstappen fumes with Red Bull team towards end of US Grand Prix qualifying

Max Verstappen fumes with Red Bull team towards end of US Grand Prix qualifying

Towards the end of the US Grand Prix qualifying, Max Verstappen loses his cool with the Red Bull team.

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When teammate Sergio Perez interfered with the conclusion of one of Max Verstappen’s last qualifying laps on Friday, the Red Bull pit wall infuriated him.

In his first flying run in Q3, the 2023 world champion was approaching the final turn at the Circuit of the Americas when he lost control of his Red Bull, allowing Perez to pass him.

Perez was only third fastest behind Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at the time, suggesting that the unclean air in his car had an effect.

Disappointed with his team’s placement of both cars on the track, Verstappen yelled over the team radio, “Well done, well f done there!”.

In the final corner, he exclaimed, “What the f*** was that?”.

Following his final run of exceeding track limits, Verstappen was demoted down the order and eventually qualified only sixth on the grid.

For the race on Sunday, Leclerc won the pole, followed by Lewis Hamilton in third and Lando Norris in second.

After a turbulent few months, Perez is battling for a spot at Red Bull for the upcoming season.
He qualified ninth.

Before Sunday’s main event of the United States Grand Prix, Austin, Texas, will host sprint day on Saturday.


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