Norris concedes a ‘few mistakes’ cost him pole in Austin

Norris concedes a ‘few mistakes’ cost him pole in Austin

Though he acknowledges that a “few mistakes” cost him the pole in Austin.

Recalling that he qualified second in Austin, Norris says a “few mistakes” cost him the pole position.

While he acknowledged he made a “few too many mistakes” that cost him a potential Austin pole position, Lando Norris was more than happy to qualify second for this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

The British driver expressed his worries earlier this week that the slow pace of the Circuit of the Americas track may put Norris and McLaren at a disadvantage despite their recent run of three podium finishes.

However, he had a strong run of form during qualifying, placing second in Q1 and sixth in Q2.
After that, Norris finished seventh on his first try in qualifying three times, but a strong last lap saw him move up to second, 0 points and 130 seconds behind pole-sitter Charles Leclerc.

After leaping from the cockpit, Norris said, “I’m happy.”.
The day has gone well so far.
Not what was anticipated from the outcome, but a nice bonus from the entire group.
made fewer mistakes than I did when I was in Qatar, which is a positive development.

Nonetheless, I believe we had it today and there was sufficient content to win. Charles acknowledged that he made a few errors, but I also made some.
Even though it’s kind of unfortunate that another opportunity may have been lost, I’m still overjoyed.

In an attempt to win his first Formula One race, Norris disclosed if he would be pursuing Leclerc entering Turn 1.
The driver in pole position has only triumphed in five of the ten races at COTA.

In response, Norris said, “I mean, it’s different every year.”.
We are in a good position, but as you mentioned, you never know what can happen here in COTA.

Getting Charles off the field will be challenging because, to be honest, he is usually a good starter.
However, I’m pleased that we are practically in the best position possible for Sunday.

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Acknowledging “a couple of big mistakes on the last lap,” Piastri finishes P10 in COTA qualifying.

Oscar Piastri, a teammate, acknowledged he made too many mistakes on Friday as he prepared to start in 10th place on Sunday.
Piastri has led McLaren in qualifying at the last two events, in Qatar and Japan.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I qualified well enough,” Piastri said.
“Not enough, but a few good laps.
Although the car’s last lap in qualifying was quite bad, it is obvious that it has some speed.
Though it wasn’t my best qualifying, we have another chance tomorrow to try and do a better job.

“Just try and eliminate the mistakes,” Piastri replied when asked how he could improve his form before the Sprint. I believe the pace is generally pretty good when there are no errors.

The final lap had a few significant errors, and it’s just really hard to put it all together.
To put it simply, consistency is very difficult to achieve here due to the uneven terrain, so tomorrow’s work must be even better.


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