3 Unexpected 2023-Early 2024 Maple Leaf Trade Outlook

3 Unexpected 2023-Early 2024 Maple Leaf Trade Outlook

In the early stages of the season, the Toronto Maple Leafs are at a potential crossroads and are facing serious questions about the makeup of their roster. While it is too early to predict future trades, several players will be closely watched, raising the possibility of major changes to the squad.
This is not the season to look forward to fall leaves.
All three players signed one-year deals, meaning the Leafs likely felt they “could come” for a year.
If I know it “probably” won’t work, how long will it take the team to move on?

Max Domi was not doing well.

Max Domi, the long-awaited addition of the Maple Leafs, is still undecided. His one-year deal is non-guaranteed long-term, making him a potential trade asset if he can’t adjust to team dynamics or if the organization is looking for an impact hitter late in the season.

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic wrote:

Max Domi’s start as a Toronto Maple Leaf couldn’t have been worse.
It’s like forgetting to play hockey.
Not sure what to do with the puck and everything he does with it is wrong.
It’s nice to see his field goal percentage, which I think is probably the lowest on the team.
Just a real fight.
A source messaged me in the tweet above.
“He looks slow too.”

Despite a 10-man roster without trades, Domi’s future in Toronto remains uncertain, especially given his slow start.
John Klingberg proves the doubters right

Another rookie, John Klingberg, signed a one-season contract and was added to the list of potential trade candidates.
While his offensive contributions were evident (three assists in four games), his defensive mistakes were a concern.
This was a terrible signing because most of the people who say he still doesn’t play defense are right.

A meeting with Connor Bedard this season went viral when the rookie made Klingberg look like a pole. If Klingberg’s struggles continue, the Maple Leafs could explore options for a more reliable defenseman who can fill in some defensive weaknesses.

Ilya Samsonov never officially recovered.

After a strong 2022-23 season for the Leafs and an offseason arbitration battle, big things were expected of Ilya Samsonov, who has disappointed so far this year.
He was a first-round pick in 2015 and faces a crucial offseason as he approaches unrestricted free agency.
In three appearances, he has a 2-1-0 record, a gross save percentage (SV%) of .861, and a goals-against average (GAA) of 3.67.
His inconsistent performance thus far has led to speculation about his future in Toronto.
If his shaky form continues, there will be plenty of goalkeepers on the market, including Daniel Vladar and Kayden Prayau. The Maple Leafs can use Samsonov and other assets to bolster their goal line, which is critical for a team with Stanley Cup aspirations.

As the season progresses, all three of these players will have time to turn things around, and a few strong plays could change the narrative. Again, a trade may seem premature at this stage, but the Maple Leafs aren’t worried about making a championship run. The need to win can lead to unexpected moves, making the trade deadline a critical time in a team’s development.
Many people believe that Max Domi is taller than Alex Kerfoot and that John Klingberg is taller than Justin Hall.
Just four games isn’t enough to change my faith in these updates. As for Samsonov, Joseph Wall might get more attention before the Leafs pull off the upset.


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