Cowboys Fined for Hits on Chargers; NFL To Crack Down on Fights

Cowboys Fined for Hits on Chargers; NFL To Crack Down on Fights

Three Dallas Cowboys players have been disciplined for their involvement in multiple incidents during the team’s Week 6 win against the Los Angeles Chargers.
More sanctions are expected to be handed down for future fighting-related behavior within the league.
Defensive end Dorrance Armstrong, safety Marquise Bell and safety Jayron Kearse were hit hard for “unnecessary roughness” in Monday night’s 20-17 win.

Armstrong and Kearse must each pay a fine of $21,855, while Bell must pay a fine of $4,681.
The Cowboys (and Kearse himself) found second quarter field goals involving Kearse difficult.
LA quarterback Justin Herbert fined for wearing helmet A 15m penalty flag was raised during the match. …
As Herbert began the slide process and Kerse lined up, it became a topic of discussion.

Kers’ goal also resulted in a 15-yard penalty during the game.
But perhaps the biggest problem is the NFL.
The NFL announced plans Sunday to crack down on the type of brawls that took place last week in several games, including one involving Dallas defensive end Dante Fowler in Los Angeles.
Charger Austin Ekeler suffered an impact that completely ripped Ekeler’s helmet off his head.

Defensive tackle Mazie Smith and defensive lineman Sam Williams were part of a small Cowboy force that added the same number of Chargers, and both were in the thick of it.
A similar altercation took place between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers before the start of Sunday’s Week 6 game.


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