Deion Sanders’ New QB Commit Makes Big Statement About Shedeur’s NFL Draft Future

Deion Sanders’ New QB Commit Makes Big Statement About Shedeur’s NFL Draft Future

Deion Sanders emphasized the idea that recruiting high school players is outdated in the modern era of college football. The transfer portal is a better and more efficient focus.
Coach Prime’s unique approach to roster management led Colorado to trade over 70 players from their previous teams during the offseason.
Most have been moved to the portal.
In the current system, players with college experience are more valuable than unproven high school players.
Players in the portal are committed to FBS or FCS talent.
Watching the film, you can easily see where improvements are needed.
Players fresh out of high school may need time to adjust to the speed and endurance at the next level.
Take a look at Cormani McClain and his story from his first year in Boulder.
Sanders is not alone in his thoughts.
But that doesn’t mean we only hire portal players.
Colorado and its first-year coach are busy recruiting talent like top 2024 recruit Aaron Butler, who has an arm as big as a tree and ended his senior season early.
Four defenders were also added on Friday.
Deion Sanders replaces Scheder.

Antwan Hill Jr., a four-star prospect in the class of 2025, is considered the sixth player of the year at his position.
He’s 6-foot-4, 215 pounds and can really swing it.

Hill had 28 offers, including Tennessee, UCF, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Miami, Georgia, Florida State and Auburn.
He chose buffalo!

During the hiring and placement discussion, Hill made an interesting comment.
According to him, the employees pressured him from the first minute he was contacted.
Hill is still a long way from signing his NLI, so anything changes.
But he said, “(Coach Prime and his staff) want me to take over the program when Masterpiece is gone.”

This is very important for several reasons.
Hill seems very obsessed with his loyalty.

Sanders and the Buffaloes believe Hill will be their quarterback of the future.
It seems that the masterpiece will also appear in the next season.

Deion said last September that his two sons, Shedeur and Shiloh, would return next season.
Hill seems to imply the same thing.

If his plan is to take over after Master Sanders leaves, he has two years left. Hill is a 2025 representative.
That means his first opportunity to play will be in Week 1 of 2025.

Shedeur, Jr. is eligible for the NFL Draft in April.
He could be a first or second round pick.

But according to his dad and his dad’s newest player, it looks like Masterpiece will be back in black and gold next season.
This gives Hill the key to become a freshman in two years.


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