JUST-IN: As trade deadline inches closer, Vikings receiving multiple calls on star man

JUST-IN: As trade deadline inches closer, Vikings receiving multiple calls on star man

As the trade deadline approaches, the Vikings are getting a call for star Daniel Hunter.

The Vikings started the season in a quagmire around Daniel Hunter.
And as October 10 approaches. Hunter could be in the news again on December 31st.

Teams have called the Vikings about a potential trade for Hunter, and sources say the team’s leader could be one of the top players to be traded at the deadline.
It makes sense for Minnesota to pick up the phone and listen.

Hunter has one year left on his contract and a 2-4 record against teams that are interested in quality players who have contracts in place.
Any team that is ready for the playoffs and needs some time on the sidelines can participate.

This isn’t the first time Hunter has been the subject of trade rumors.
In fact, several teams inquired about him before the season started before he agreed to return to Minnesota.
He responded with eight sacks, leading the NFL.

Last year, the Bears traded an elite quarterback at the deadline, trading Roquan Smith to the Ravens.
This year, if the circumstances are right, you might even become a hunter.

She’s not the only celebrity getting her way.
Broncos WR Jerry Jewdy, one of Denver’s top one-win players, discussed a possible trade this week.
Judy, who is coming off a down year on an underperforming team, admits she is disappointed.
Judy told reporters: “It’s always disappointing when you lose. Nobody wants to lose, you know?” “Losing is the worst thing that can happen.
I know what I am capable of and I know what I am capable of.
So don’t change me or change me.
It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, I’m still me.”

The Broncos aren’t planning on a big trade, and unless a deal they can’t turn down, a big deal is considered unlikely.
Coach Sean Payton doesn’t seem willing to trade a talented player who has the potential to contribute in the future, especially in 2023 and beyond. But Jeudy has been the subject of trade talks this offseason, with teams calling before the season and in recent weeks.
As the frustrations and losses continue to mount, the calls will likely increase, leading to some interesting decisions for Denver.
One player who won’t be traded is Saquon Barkley, sources told NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo.
The Giants have no plans to enter trade talks to revive the franchise. In a difficult offseason, it made sense to give players expiring contracts (Parris Campbell was one of them).
But Barkley doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
The same goes for the Panthers, who aren’t trading key pieces for the future but appear open to players like WR Terrace Marshall and CB Donte Jackson and may have traded Jeremy Chinn before the injury.


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