Miami Dolphins: Fans reacts to 31-17 loss to Philadelphia Eagles

Miami Dolphins: Fans reacts to 31-17 loss to Philadelphia Eagles

The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles make up the Sunday Night Football lineup.
In what was expected to be an embarrassing, high-scoring game, the Dolphins ended up losing 31-17 to the Eagles. Instead of the Dolphins going through Philadelphia’s defense, it would have been an injury-riddled game and a flag fest.

4 Dolphins players injured

Guard Isaiah Wynn, linebacker David Long Jr., safety Jayvon Holland and wide receiver Jaylen Waddle suffered concussions in Sunday’s game and missed playing time, some not returning.
Waddle suffered a back injury but returned late in the game.
Wynn left the game with a quad injury, as did Holland and Long Jr. In the third quarter, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts was hit helmet-to-helmet during a pursuit.
“Ref-show” / Fan reactions

A lot of fans were rough on the refs in this game, especially the one in Miami. There were a few missed calls here and there, but the Dolphins were also trying to pry Philadelphia from the SNF.
It didn’t help that the Eagles had zero penalties that night while the Dolphins had 10.
However, you could argue that the refs missed some of the calls against Philly.
It was like an uninvited face mask call, but it was definitely a face mask call.

Or the Eagles made all the calls they should have made and didn’t.

Some fans still believe in the Dolphins, but this game doesn’t define their season.
Even Tyreek Hill, who had 88 yards on the night, seemed to blame himself for the loss and say he’ll do better next time.

On fourth down, Tagovailoa threw a deep pass to Raheem Mostert, but Darius Slay singled at the goal line and returned the pick 16 yards.
Tagovailoa went 23-of-32 for 216 yards against Hurts and the Eagles.

Hurts finished the night 23-31 for 279 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.
There is no doubt that Hurts was able to control his team and overcome Miami’s tough defense.

AJ Brown had 137 receiving yards tonight, his fifth straight game with 125 or more receiving yards.
He tied Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson for most points in a game with 125 or more.

After four innings at MetLife Stadium, the Eagles suffered their first loss of the season and bounced back as the team went 6-1 in early game play.
They and the Kansas City Chiefs are currently the only two teams with 6-1 records.

But thanks to Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins still remain in first place in the AFC East despite the loss.


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