5 Trade Destinations For NFL Minnesota Vikings Sack Leader

5 Trade Destinations For NFL Minnesota Vikings Sack Leader

The Minnesota Vikings are receiving trade offers for star pass rusher Daniel Hunter, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. With the trade deadline just a week away, three or four Vikings will have to decide whether to trade or keep star players to secure a wild card spot.
After defeating the San Francisco 49ers, the team had a chance to advance to the postseason.
However, if you decide to deal with a veteran, there should be plenty of candidates who are three-time Pro Bowlers.
5 Teams That Should Trade Daniel Hunter

miami dolphins

Despite the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Miami Dolphins are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the league.
If Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill are healthy, the offense will be elite, but the defense needs more firepower.
Trading Daniel Hunter would dramatically improve their defensive line, and the pass rushers should be able to handle an offense that needs to throw early and often to keep up with the Miami offense.

Kansas City Chiefs

The 2023 Kansas City Chiefs defense may be the best since the Patrick Mahomes era, but there’s always room for improvement.
The team could use another veteran pass rusher as they have been linked to free agent Frank Clark.
Clark has experience in the system, but Daniel Hunter is a much better player.
Assuming the trade value isn’t too high, Kansas City should have a brutal pass rush.

dallas cowboys

Obviously, the Dallas Cowboys have had a hard time building their defense.
Micah Parsons is a superstar and DeMarcus Lawrence is playing at a Pro Bowl level, but this team can use third down if they want to win games on the left side of the ball.
A trade involving Daniel Hunter could give the Cowboys the best defense in the game, which should help them get back to the Super Bowl they’ve been waiting for.
Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have ultimately been the team to beat, but last week’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens shows they aren’t ready to compete against the best of the best.
Aidan Hutchinson is playing in draft form, but the Lions don’t have a second linebacker who can get behind the linebacker.
Daniel Hunter is a great business partner and T.J. The Hockenson trade shows that these two teams have no problem trading in the division.

the new orleans saints

The New Orleans Saints are not a good football team, and if Dennis Allen wants to keep his job, things have to change. New Orleans has one of the most efficient front sevens in football, so the mass exodus of emerging talent is rearing its ugly head. Fortunately, it only takes one good pass rusher to turn this weak division around, and Hunter could be the missing piece in winning the worst division in football.


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