Colts Star Player Unhappy with Involvement in Loss to Browns

Colts Star Player Unhappy with Involvement in Loss to Browns

After a tough loss to the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts star Michael Pittman Jr. explained how it feels to be part of the offense.

The Indianapolis Colts easily lost 39-38 to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday afternoon. Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew scored four goals on the day, but it was a questionable call by the Colts’ defense late in the game that garnered the most headlines.

But what Indianapolis Star writer Nate Atkins discovered in his postgame interview adds another element to this tough loss for the Colts.
Indy wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. didn’t seem happy with the loss at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Atkins wrote in the X: “Michael Pittman Jr. Despite missing a 75-yard field goal during the longest game of his career, he said he can run the offense for it.
“They didn’t attack me today for any reason.
Maybe they’re not an important part of the crime.”

That’s not what the Colts want to hear from Pittman.
But he could accurately sense that he could be saved by becoming more involved in the crime. Pittman later told Atkins, “Every time I get the ball, I always feel like I did something with it.
Know that they can win big in any situation against any team.
I’m just trying to show the coaches that I’m there.
\ ”

Peteman said, “I was disappointed. I was frustrated.
“I just tried to stay calm and not show it to anyone.”

Pittman caught just two passes against Cleveland, but had a fantastic 83 yards, including a 75-yard field goal. He is also the second most targeted receiver in the game (5) behind fellow pass rusher Josh Downs (6).
The Browns have a solid secondary and pass defense, so since Pittman is the Colts’ biggest threat, their plan could be to eliminate him with complex coverage schemes. Pittman still had five looks from Minshew, but felt he should have been targeted more.
At this point, it’s hard to say whether Minshew Pittman has actually discovered much.
Imagine not losing Pittman if a veteran like Minshew is open, especially considering Indianapolis’ rushing (42), yards (489), targets (65) and TD receptions (tied to 2) in season.
It’s hard. with Downs).
Is this the product of a frustrated receiver who thought he was going to win the game for the Colts?
Or is it just Pittman’s gut feeling?
It’s been a down year for the Colts, and Week 8 isn’t even here yet.

It will be interesting to see how all of this affects Pittman in coach Shane Steichen’s offense.
Look for the Colts’ biggest threat on Sunday afternoon when Indianapolis hosts the New Orleans Saints.


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