Deion Sanders sends powerful one-word message to Buffaloes amid controversy

Deion Sanders sends powerful one-word message to Buffaloes amid controversy

If the Colorado Buffaloes had the mantle of being undefeated this season, it was shattered a few weeks ago as the program struggled to win the last few games.
However, Colorado coach Deion Sanders has high morale and strong confidence in his team. Sanders explained how he felt about Colorado football during the loss with a word about X:

The Buffaloes lost 46-43 to the Stanford Cardinal in overtime in October. 13.
It was a special loss for Colorado football as the Buffaloes lost to an unranked team for the first time this season.
The previous two losses came to the Oregon Ducks (ranked 10th at the time) and the USC Trojans (ranked 8th).

Colorado outscored the Cardinal by 29 points, but couldn’t stop Stanford from completing a successful comeback attempt.
It was a tough lesson for the Buffaloes, who currently hold a 4-3 overall record and a 1-3 conference record.

The Buffaloes’ situation is not easy.
The next two games are on the road against the UCLA Bruins and at home against the Arizona Wildcats, respectively.
The Bruins and Wildcats are both among the teams advancing to Week 8 of the 2023 college football season.
Sanders’ coaching skills have drawn attention, especially from opponents who have long begun to peddle the idea that the Buffaloes are an overrated team. But Sanders is not one to shy away from challenges or to cave in completely to criticism.
Colorado football has some big games left that could silence the naysayers.


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