Sheldon Keefe on the plan for Fraser Minten as he sits out his second straight game

Sheldon Keefe on the plan for Fraser Minten as he sits out his second straight game

Sheldon Keefe on Frazier Minten’s second game plan: “Take it one day at a time.
Now is the time to absorb the experience and prepare.”

After Monday’s practice, Sheldon Keefe discussed Ilya Samsonov’s shocking start to the season, while Tyler Bertuzzi coached his former assistant Spencer Carberry along with John Tavares and William Nylander.

Keefe: I think he’ll do well.
He’s clearly not happy about it, but he continues to work.

What would it mean for the team and the goalkeeper if there was healthy internal competition in the net?
Keefe: I think it’s very useful. There are many teams in this situation.
I think it’s been proven more and more that a team needs two goaltenders who can not only push each other, but also share the load.
It’s exactly what I expected to happen when I walked in.
That’s how it happened.

Obviously, you want two goalkeepers who play very well.
This is the goal.
But when there are two people, the thoughts are as follows. If one person makes a small mistake, another person appears. You can team up with someone else and try to make both games work. If your opponent starts to slide, you want him to move up.
The biggest advantage is having two men I can trust.
Let’s hope the gatekeeper is never closed.
According to Max Domi, Joe Wall’s demeanor was reminiscent of Carey Price’s calm personality. What did you like about Woll’s attitude/attitude?
Keefe: I learned a lot about Joe last year.
He came without spending ice time with us in training camp and the preseason.
He intervened.
The previous season also started a bit and it did us good.
He doesn’t seem to care about anything in this moment or location. He is only focused on work.
It was fun from my point of view. I take a step back and look at this a lot. He was very focused and just did what he had to do, controlled what he could control and let his talent take over from there.

It was very impressive to see.
Maybe it happened a lot faster than I thought, but I always believed in it.
We’re excited to have him at this point, especially with his injury.
Maybe it came a little sooner than we expected. It makes us better.

What are your plans with Fraser Minton?
Keefe: Right now I’m taking one a day. He won’t play tomorrow.
Let’s see how it goes from there.

For now, I think it’s a good opportunity to take a step back and stick to it. He played a lot of hockey.
He’s been through a lot.
I’ll take it any day when he comes back.

Now it’s about absorbing the experience and preparing.
With William Nylander and John Tavares producing every game so far, is there any hope of Tyler Bertuzzi making it to 5-on-5?

Keefe: Yes and no.
This is part of it.
They found a way to attack us.
Jarnkrock would like to get Matthews and Marner back.
The last two games started and stopped Auston with Burt. I think we’ll ditch Knys and Domi first to keep them together.
That’s kind of how it worked. We have been dealing with this for years.
With the players at the top of our lineup, anyone can play with anyone at the top.
With so many new people, we’ll play around with it until we find something that clicks, like we did recently with Knies and Domi. It seems to work well and these guys like to play with each other, so go ahead and find out the rest.
Additionally, the line of Gregor, Holmberg and Reeves was the best fourth line in every game I played. I know I haven’t used them much, but I was very happy with this group.
It holds you together and continues to work together with the rest of you.

Working with current Capitals head coach Spencer Carberry, at what point did you realize he could and should be an NHL head coach?
Keefe: I knew or felt that before working with myself and our staff.
I’ve known Spencer long before I worked with him here and I’ve followed his career and journey. I coached against his team.

Until then, I was a little hesitant to even ask him if he wanted to be his assistant.
I had great respect for him as a director. He was recently named the American League Manager of the Year.
It was going well.
When he said he would join, I was excited and interested in building the trail.
I really enjoyed working with him.
I learned a lot from him.
He brought so much to our team and employees.
I’m glad he had a chance.
Does it make you proud to know that he took something from his time with you, that some of your ideas have now flowed through him and into the Capitals organization?

Keef: Of course.
I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about, but all of us coaches learn from each other, learn from each other, adapt, adapt, grow. Whether you’re working with a guy, seeing something, or talking in the offseason, this is no surprise.
Some of them are caused by osmosis.
Just being around people.

Spencer has a lot of good ideas.
He brought us a lot and we do it here.

Alex Ovechkin has yet to score a goal this season.
Do you think it’s just a matter of catching that person at the right time, or do you fear that they will surely come?

Keefe: I usually don’t see that. I didn’t even know he didn’t score. Whether he is or not, we know he’s a dangerous player and we need a game plan.
This will not change the way we prepare for matches.


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