Rory McIlroy and PGA Tour stars to finally learn amount they’ll earn for snubbing LIV Golf

Rory McIlroy and PGA Tour stars to finally learn amount they’ll earn for snubbing LIV Golf

The PGA Tour will inform its members on Wednesday how much equity they have received after a £1.2billion investment programme involving Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group

Rory McIlroy and his PGA Tour colleagues will finally learn the reward for their loyalty on Wednesday after snubbing LIV Golf.

McIlroy is among the players who have rebuffed advances from Saudi Arabia-bankrolled LIV Golf since it launched in 2022. Many players who stayed have since argued that they should be financially rewarded for rejecting the chance to join LIV, and their wishes were granted in the form of a £1.2billion investment agreement with Strategic Sports Group (SSG) in January.

The SSG and PGA tour, including the Liverpool owner, Fenway Sports Group, agree to create a profit organization to stabilize the future of the organization in the threat and economic potential of LIV. Part of the contract is an equity key team, and the player receives the PGA Tour Enterprise shares. All 193 eligible PGA Tour players will be notified of their initial grant amounts on Wednesday on the PGA Tour. The best players on tour over the past five seasons (Scottie Scheffler, McIlroy, Patrick Cantlay, etc.), as well as long-time players such as Tiger Woods, have the highest number of “membership units” earned during the next season. You will receive it. This gave the player even more incentive to continue to thwart his LIV temptations. “It’s important for our players to understand that the PGA Tour is the best place to compete and to show how much the Tour values ​​their loyalty,” tour president Jason Gore said in an informative video sent to players, according to

Unlike the Player Impact Program, which rewards players based on their popularity or marketing clout, details of the grants awarded Wednesday are being kept confidential. In another move aimed at placating PGA Tour players dissatisfied with the organization’s response to the LIV Golf issue, players who join a breakaway tour and return to the PGA Tour at a later date will not be eligible for the program. .

The players he divided into four groups, group 1 will consist of his 36 players who will share his 80% of the pot. Makilra, Woods, SHEFFLER, justin Thomas, and Jordan Sleep are definitely one of the names in this group and receive a share of £ 600 million from shareholders.

Pots equivalent to 65 million pounds increase the classification members and 64 horsepower 2 talent, but group 3 has 57 players who split funds at £ 24 million. A fourth group of 36 ‘past legends’ will receive a share of £60m based on their professional performance on the PGA Tour. Players in group 4 must be alive to receive the shares they cannot pay to their loved ones. Players can only sell after the funds have been transferred and are also subject to taxes. Following Wednesday’s awards, an £80 million annual program will be implemented in 2025 for the top 20 players on tour each season.


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