Following the Monza collision, Oscar Piastri shares his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton.

Following the Monza collision, Oscar Piastri shares his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton.

Following Lewis Hamilton’s “immediate apology” for what happened on Sunday, Oscar Piastri said he was relieved to hear the seven-time World Champion “own up” to responsibility for their contact at Monza over the weekend.

On Sunday, Hamilton attempted to overtake the Australian driver entering the Della Roggia Chicane but hit the McLaren driver’s front-left corner, sending both drivers onto the escape road and damaging Piastri’s front wing.

As a result, the rookie was forced to make an additional pit stop, dropping him out of contention at the finish line. Hamilton was immediately given a five-second time penalty and two penalty points on his super licence for causing the collision.

Oscar Piastri: Despite the crash at Monza, Lewis Hamilton is still “just about” on the Christmas card list.

In the wake of their collision on Sunday, Piastri was asked on the F1 Nation podcast if Hamilton was still on his Christmas card list.
The McLaren driver responded in a polite manner.

Piastri said, “Yeah, I mean, he apologized right away and he got a penalty for it.

“Therefore, I’m glad that at least he took responsibility.
Naturally, in an ideal world, it wouldn’t have occurred, but in that particular corner, where we’ve seen it a lot, it’s quite simple to do.

As a result, he is still there almost.

Tom Clarkson, the host, then said to the young rookie that it appeared as though the Italian Grand Prix was a weekend in which he really “arrived” in the sport, having beaten teammate Lando Norris in qualifying and raced him hard the entire time.

However, Piastri didn’t quite share that opinion given that he finished outside the points after making contact with Hamilton.

He chuckled, “I don’t know if it’s my arrival in F1 weekend, but it sure doesn’t feel like it now.

“But no, overall, I think my weekend was good.
The race got off to a good start and then took a slight turn for the worse after qualifying was quite strong.

But I think I’ve been moving at a good pace over the weekend. I feel quite content from that perspective.


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