Pundit identifies the driver Red Bull may regret “letting go too early.”.

Pundit identifies the driver Red Bull may regret “letting go too early.”.

Giedo van de Garde questions whether “Red Bull maybe let him go too early” as he watches Alex Albon solidify his position as Williams’ lead driver and one of the stars of this season.

Albon debuted on the Formula 1 grid in 2019 after receiving a late call-up to Red Bull’s junior team.
Just 13 races into his young career, however, he was thrust into the spotlight after being promoted to the senior team in the middle of the year.

Like Pierre Gasly before him, he struggled to keep up with Max Verstappen’s performance and pace while he was his partner.

I wonder, “S***, did Red Bull perhaps let him go too early?”.

Albon was retained for the 2020 season despite almost finishing on the podium at the Brazilian Grand Prix and being prevented from enjoying his first champagne toast by Lewis Hamilton’s collision with him.

He managed two podium finishes that season to place seventh in the standings, but his 105 points were far behind Verstappen’s 214 and he was demoted to the position of reserve driver in favor of Sergio Perez.

Albon rebuilt his career after returning to the grid with Williams last year, and this year he has solidified himself as a star of the future, sparking rumors that he might even join Red Bull again.

In spite of the Thai-British driver’s “remarkable improvement,” Helmut Marko, 80, asserted that he has “already had his chance” and that “at the moment there is no driver who is on Max’s level.”.

However, given his performances this year, former F1 driver turned pundit van der Garde questions whether Red Bull actually regrets letting him go.

He reportedly told Viaplay, “It’s definitely a driver who is very surprising this year,” according to GPFans.

“It’s a car and a team that keeps improving, but he really does hold the #1 spot within the team, so he also has a lot of confidence, everyone believes in him, the team believes in him, and he can also bring the car to himself, and you can see that – that he keeps improving.

Although I believe he is performing remarkably well, occasionally I wonder, “S***, did Red Bull maybe let him go too early?”.

Liam Lawson being in possession of the AT04 is acceptable in Van der Garde’s eyes.

The Dutchman also had something to say about Liam Lawson, the newest junior driver for Red Bull on the Formula 1 grid.

Lawson was called up to replace the injured Daniel Ricciardo when the Australian broke his hand in practice two for the Dutch Grand Prix. Lawson finished 13th that Sunday ahead of Yuki Tsunoda, while in Italy, he missed out on a point by one position.

Van der Garde told Motorsport .
com, “Very good.
He appeared to be invisible during the race.
Of course, I didn’t see much, but I occasionally had the opportunity to observe his times.

“First, the qualifying.
That is incredibly impressive to be only one tenth slower than his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.
Simply put, you must act.
Also, the circuit is not simple.
That, in my opinion, was a real plus.

In addition, he just ran a strong race.
Throughout the weekend, I was perfect, did not lose my cool, and acted cool.
Consequently, I do give him a nine.

He wasn’t opposed to Lawson remaining in the vehicle for the remainder of the campaign.

It would be great if Lawson could drive all year, he said.
He is a young talent, you see.
Naturally, he participated in free practice in Max’s vehicle last year as well.
Additionally, he excelled there.

“We are aware of the rumors about him, including the claims that he has great talent, moves quickly, provides constructive criticism, is composed, and is error-free.

It’s unlikely that it will occur. But it will be great for him if he can continue to compete for another two or three races and prove his worth.

“Because, as you well know, the more races you participate in and the more time you spend in that car, the better it gets and the more symbiotic a relationship you develop with it.
Consequently, it will be wonderful for him if he is given another opportunity in Singapore and Japan.
That particularly holds true for Japan, where he has extensive circuit knowledge.

It won’t be simple, of course, because he has to race against Yuki Tsunoda.
On the other hand, I’m hoping he can still demonstrate it and that he’ll be given a chance in Formula 1 in the upcoming season.


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