After Lewis Hamilton’s flashpoint, George Russell expresses his genuine feelings regarding Mercedes’ calls.

After Lewis Hamilton’s flashpoint, George Russell expresses his genuine feelings regarding Mercedes’ calls.

After Mercedes issued a team order at the Japanese Grand Prix, which led to protests from the younger Brit, Russell’s relationship with Hamilton has come under scrutiny.

Despite his objections at the time, George Russell says he has “no issues” with being told to allow Lewis Hamilton to pass at last Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix.

Russell was instructed to let Hamilton through over the radio a few laps before the race’s conclusion. He had much older tires than his teammate because he was using a one-stop strategy and had them.

Mercedes made the choice to request Russell to open the door for Hamilton as Carlos Sainz closed in on the two of them.
The group believed that by doing this, the seven-time world champion would have a better chance of lagging the Spaniard.

At first, Russell resisted, requesting to hold off until the very last lap.
But after it became clear to him that it was more of an order than a request, the 25-year-old did as he was instructed and stood aside.

After the contest, when asked if he could accept the choice, Russell responded, “Of course.
“You use the radio as a bit of a release valve – it’s so hot in the car, it’s a long race, you’re there pushing for an hour and a half, you’re fighting every inch,” he continued, referring to his resistance over the radio.

The primary objective is to place second in the constructors’ championship.
My chances of winning the drivers’ championship are completely gone, and Lewis is well-positioned to contend for a strong finish.
However, the objective is only to finish the season ahead of Ferrari; focus on next season instead. So yeah, no problems on my end.

It’s challenging for the team to judge, of course.
However, as I already stated, my personal objective is for the team to place second in the constructors’ championship.
This season, Lewis has been remarkably consistent.
In the drivers’ championship, he is competing for P3.

“At worst, we dropped two additional points there.
However, if you look at the averages, the team made the right decision because we could have ended up with four fewer points.
No hard feelings from my end either. As I previously stated, we must focus on the vehicle and will not become upset over a potential fifth and sixth loss as opposed to a fifth and a seventh.

The two Mercedes cars were jockeying for position at a number of other times during that Suzuka race. And there have been many more instances all season that have led to close calls and dangerous situations for the team.

Although Hamilton has vowed to fight Russell whenever he gets the chance, Russell is unconcerned.
It was a good, hard race, he continued.
I was pleased that I was in a position to pressurize him and take action against him. I would therefore focus on the benefits of that.

“We won’t be giving each other the job lightly.
The race had only just begun.
We won’t even bring up the fact that I was faster than him because, as I said, that’s just part of racing.
Nothing needs to be talked about.
We need to focus on more important issues, like how to speed up our car.


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