Regarding Max Verstappen’s favoritism by Red Bull, Sergio Perez’s father has a change of heart.

Regarding Max Verstappen’s favoritism by Red Bull, Sergio Perez’s father has a change of heart.

Red Bull’s alleged preference for Verstappen over Perez’s son was refuted by the Mexican driver’s father in April of this year, but that was before Verstappen began dominating the competition.

Previously asserting that there is no favoritism at Red Bull between his son and Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez’s father has since retracted that statement.

Antonio Perez Garibay was adamant that his son had equal preference within the team in April following the Mexican’s successful start to the season. He even went as far as to denounce any suggestion to the contrary as “a lie”.

Verstappen has since taken control of the championship and has nearly doubled his teammate’s point total.
Although Perez is still in second place, he hasn’t been in contention for the championship in months.

It appears that Perez Sr. has since changed his mind. The subject was brought up once more in an interview with the Mexican publication Esto, which prompted a very different response this time.

Checo is still fighting, he said.
“The car is set for Max because he drives with all of the front grip while Checo has always done it with the back grip. Checo was hired for the position he currently holds, second place.

“You must comprehend that there is only one champion.
To earn it and respect it, he must put in effort. All this was built for Max to be a champion and you have to understand and respect it.
He might be in the fourth or sixth spot if he switched teams.

In that earlier interview in April, he had said: “Let’s be clear.
Red Bull is a brand that costs many billions of dollars more than Checo and Max.
It is a professional team that wants to win with its two drivers, they want to have lap one from practice one and they want their two drivers to be first and second.

“There is no favouritism for anyone – it is all speculation.
Red Bull has the two best tigers in the same cage.
If they were not at the same level, what is happening would not exist.

“Checo is doing his job excellently and will be in F1 for the next 10 years.
After everything he lost to what was found, we have a blessing – Checo no longer had a job two years ago and now there is this new stage that Red Bull has opened for him.

“Checo is in the eyes of the world.
He is currently one of the most effective brand ambassadors in the world. This is thanks to the support of Red Bull. What he had done before were great achievements but nothing to do with the support of Red Bull.
Being in the best team in the world puts you in the eyes of the world.


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