After the Dupont tackle, the Namibian captain was given a severe suspension.

After the Dupont tackle, the Namibian captain was given a severe suspension.

After receiving a five-week suspension for his dangerous tackle on Antoine Dupont, captain of France, last Thursday, Namibia’s Johan Deysel’s World Cup was over.

In a second-half head-on collision in Marseille, Deysel broke Dupont’s cheekbone, resulting in the Namibian’s dismissal.

The 32-year-old was charged with breaking Law 9.13, and after a hearing before an impartial disciplinary committee, he was given a twelve-week suspension. Due to his good conduct record and apology, the suspension has been halved.
Should he participate in the World Rugby Coaching Intervention Programme, an additional week will be subtracted from the suspension.

The ban ends his tournament completely because Namibia has just one game left, against Uruguay, and they cannot advance to the World Cup’s knockout rounds.

A review by the Foul Play Review Official during Namibia’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Pool A match against France on September 21 led to Johan Deysel’s attendance at an independent Disciplinary Committee hearing for a violation of Law 9.13 (dangerous tackle).

Donal Courtney (Ireland) and Juan Pablo Spirandelli (Argentina), two former international referees, were present on the independent Disciplinary Committee, which was presided over by Adam Casselden SC (Australia).

“The player agreed that there had been foul play and that the offense called for a red card.

The independent Committee classified the act of foul play as being at the top end of the scale of seriousness of offending after taking into account all the available evidence, the player’s and his representative’s arguments, the vulnerability of the victim player, and the significant injury to him.
The independent Committee determined that the appropriate entry point is 12 matches by applying Appendix 1 to Regulation 17.

The independent Committee reduced the sanction by a maximum mitigation of 50% after taking into account the mitigating factors, which included the player’s disciplinary history, his admission of foul play and the correctness of the red card at the first opportunity, and his disciplinary record. The final punishment of six matches is to be implemented as follows:.

“Namibia vs.
Uruguay on September 27.

“To be determined is the following playing schedule.


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