Fernando Alonso’s irate remarks prompt the Aston Martin F1 chief to respond.

Fernando Alonso’s irate remarks prompt the Aston Martin F1 chief to respond.

Last Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix was marred by Alonso’s complaints about his Aston Martin vehicle over the radio, which led to questions about Mike Krack’s satisfaction with the team from reporters.

The claim that Fernando Alonso has been displaying signs of annoyance with his team was rejected by Mike Krack.

The Spaniard has a history of having tense interactions with his teams.
However, given their better-than-expected performances thus far, particularly at the start of the year, his relationship with Aston Martin has been fruitful.

But right now, the team isn’t quite as competitive as it once was.
Alonso’s team has significantly slipped down the order due to other competitors’ quick car developments, and they now frequently must struggle incredibly hard even to win minor points.

During the Japanese Grand Prix, he was especially peeved about his car.
The Spaniard’s repeated messages to his team suggested that he was not happy at all with the vehicle at his disposal.

Alonso also questioned the team’s race plan.
He complained after a pit stop that was obviously earlier than he had anticipated on a track known for gobbling up tyres, “You’ve thrown me to the lions by stopping that early.”.

His complaints were brought up to team manager Krack following the race.
But when asked if he agreed that it might be an indication that Alonso is becoming irritated with the team, his response was unmistakably negative.

The Luxembourger replied, “I believe you can hear all 20 drivers, and they are really hard [over the radio]. Krack continued by saying he would have been surprised if the Spaniard had not been expressing his worries.

Everyone is fervent, he continued.
I believe it’s okay because if the driver weren’t acting in that manner, then what kind of driver would they be?
It serves as a source of motivation for us and constantly presents a fresh perspective on events. So, no problem at all.

When asked later about Aston Martin’s declining performance, Krack attributed it to rivals making greater technological advances in a shorter amount of time.
“You see, some competitors have made really significant progress, some less, and it seems fairly simple,” he said. We didn’t accomplish enough.

“Others have stepped in to fill the gap [to Red Bull], more so than the gap has grown significantly wider.
The performance from our upgrades could have been better, but there is still some to come, so I am optimistic that we can narrow the performance gap a little.


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