Lando Norris honest about Oscar Piastri collision as no respect lost between McLaren duo

Lando Norris honest about Oscar Piastri collision as no respect lost between McLaren duo

When Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris collided, neither McLaren driver lost respect for the other.

Teammate Norris and Piastri of McLaren collided during the Italian Grand Prix, making team owner Andrea Stella very angry with both of his drivers as he addressed the media.

In spite of their collision at the Italian Grand Prix, Lando Norris insisted that respect still exists between himself and Oscar Piastri.

In the battles at Monza, Piastri got into a number of altercations with other drivers.
Lewis Hamilton was involved in the incident in which the Mercedes and McLaren cars collided, ruining his chances of earning points.

The Australian fared worse, sustaining damage to his front wing that required him to pit and drop out of the top 10.
Hamilton received a five-second time penalty, but it had no real impact because he finished well ahead of the next vehicle and avoided losing any positions.

Andrea Stella, his boss, was enraged by the altercation he had with teammate Norris. Piastri attempted to race alongside the other McLaren after leaving the pit lane with new but cold tires, but he ran too far into the first corner and clipped the other car’s rear right tire with his front left.

They were both publicly criticized by Stella, who cautioned them against prioritizing their individual goals over the success of the team.
The Italian said, “There should never, ever be contact between two McLaren cars.
“There was contact, which doesn’t fit the way we go racing at McLaren.
It is crucial to establish clear guidelines for what you consider acceptable and unacceptable.

“It’s possible that Oscar was looking for a position where he could keep the job. But on colder tires, this might be a little trickier than he had thought.
There is no doubt that this is just a small error in judgment.

“It was just an execution issue; we all have them.
Both drivers were aware that there couldn’t be any contact between two McLarens. If the contact resulted from pressure brought on by the undercut, then we need to review the situation. Because it implies that drivers put their team at risk in order to affirm themselves.
It’s unacceptable to do this.

My responsibility is to set up guidelines and boundaries for them to race within.
We are not the drivers, so we are not in a position to comment on how you stay within the parameters.
They are actually capable of saying, “The tyres are a little cold, maybe I need to take more margin,” if they have the necessary skill set. They need to understand that the line must never be crossed.

Although Norris had every right to be irritated with his teammate, he opted to downplay the incident.
“I suppose he was just driving on cold tires and had a little understeer,” he said. I made an effort to leave a big enough space.
Seeing in the mirror is very challenging. I made a good void.

But having only hard and cold tires is not a good combination.
I believe he simply struck my back tire. No, [it was not ideal], but I believe that we respect one another, give one another room, and fortunately nothing happened, so everything is fine.


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