The same Mercedes request is made by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton amid F1 concerns.

The same Mercedes request is made by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton amid F1 concerns.

Hamilton and Russell both possess the ability and motivation to compete for the F1 championship, but their vehicles have prevented them from doing so over the past two seasons.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both said they wanted their Mercedes cars to get better, with George Russell making the implication that “fear” is holding them back from pushing their cars to the limit right now.

This year, neither of the two Brits was in contention for the title. To be fair to them, Max Verstappen and his team have dominated in an unheard-of manner, but that can be said of everyone who isn’t operating a Red Bull.

But for the second straight year, Mercedes has failed to create a vehicle that can contend for the championship.
The Silver Arrows, who have won the constructors’ championship eight times prior, are not used to being in this circumstance.

However, despite the team’s significant improvements in car development this year, Red Bull still outperforms them significantly in terms of performance. Russell is also fully aware of where he wants the attention to be directed.

He told RaceFans, “I think something we’ve been trying to improve a lot is just the through-corner balance of the car.
“Lewis and I are both looking for a little more assurance and rear end in the car so that we can get going during a race weekend.

“Red Bull has done a really great job of letting their drivers push to the limit on the opening lap of the weekend with little concern for colliding with the car or spinning out.
So simply enhancing that balance is what we’re aiming for.

However, there are frequently only small improvements. If you can find a half-tenth here and there, you can suddenly add that up to a significant portion of lap time.
So that’s what we’re presently aiming for.

Russell’s switch from Williams to Mercedes coincided with the Silver Arrows’ performance decline, so he hasn’t had the opportunity to contend for the championship like he might have anticipated by now.
Russell isn’t giving up hope, though, and he’s still “very confident” that he’ll get the chance to realize his greatest F1 dream.

“I think if you’re within Red Bull or Mercedes, you can be very confident that, if one isn’t winning, the other is going to be right there chasing,” he continued.
There is nowhere else I would rather be.

“Everyone always says that in order to win, we want to have the fastest car possible.
Naturally, you desire to be in the fastest vehicle. But Mercedes were the ones who supported me and believed in me.


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