A former F1 manager says Red Bull’s competitors “should hang their heads in shame.”.

A former F1 manager says Red Bull’s competitors “should hang their heads in shame.”.

According to former F1 team manager Peter Windsor, Red Bull’s competitors should “hang their heads in shame” because they are still finding it difficult to catch up to the unstoppable championship leaders.

The Milton Keynes team is unbeaten with only eight races left in the season.
After winning in Italy, Max Verstappen achieved a new record and won his 10th race in a row. Red Bull has won the previous 15 races.

Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, for example, are now forced to compete for second place in the constructors’ standings.

Windsor, however, is of the opinion that Formula 1’s technical rules shouldn’t permit one team to ruthlessly dominate the rest of the field.

Inconsistency exists.

On a recent YouTube stream, Windsor stated: “The way the rules have been drafted, the way nine of the ten teams have approached it…

“It’s now 2023, they’ve been working on this for three years, and they still can’t get the cars to function properly.

“If Red Bull didn’t exist, you’d have to be saying something is wrong.
Even with their cutting-edge technology, all these amazing Formula 1 teams are unable to consistently make this thing work.

“However, Red Bull are demonstrating that it is feasible, and as a result, all the other teams have the incorrect approach – either the incorrect approach to selecting the individuals they are using to conduct the analysis and design the cars.

“Or they’re unable to use what may very well be a very good aerodynamic package because there are so many new variables that have emerged as a result of the budget gap and the restrictions on CFD design.

“Red Bull have demonstrated that it is still possible to produce a great racing car consistently from one race to the next, so as long as Red Bull are demonstrating that everyone else needs to hang their head in shame basically, I think.

“Because you can’t say Red Bull has better facilities, more money, better engines, or better tyres – all of which are things you could have said in all the other areas when a team has dominated in the way that Red Bull are now,” the author argues.


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