In the most recent twist, Hamilton has been legally required to give up his 2008 F1 world championship.

In the most recent twist, Hamilton has been legally required to give up his 2008 F1 world championship.

However, earlier in the season, a controversy involving the safety car cost Massa the victory at the Singapore Grand Prix.
According to reports, Nelson Piquet Jr. intentionally crash in order to activate a safety car, eliminating Massa’s chances of winning and allowing teammate Fernando Alonso to take home the season’s lone victory.

According to Massa, the race should have been called off because the sport’s authorities were aware of what had happened in Singapore before the season ended.
One of Massa’s attorneys, Bernardo Viana, has urged that year’s champion, Lewis Hamilton, support Massa’s claim in order to prevent the British driver from losing his first of seven Formula One championships.

He has consistently upheld sporting integrity and is a significant ambassador for the game. I hope he will support us because he is a popular honorary Brazilian citizen, said Viana to Reuters.
“We have nothing at all against Hamilton.

Additionally, Massa has given the FIA and F1 until mid-October to respond, according to Viana.
We’ve been anticipating their response, so now the onus is on them, Viana said.
In good faith, we agreed to their request for an extension until mid-October.

Massa anticipates that his former team, Ferrari, will back up his legitimate claim to the 2008 title.
Massa never managed to claim a F1 world championship during his career.
Massa told Italian state television TG1, “I have one certainty: that title is mine and it is Ferrari’s 16th drivers’ title.”.

“I have assembled a group of tenacious attorneys.
To get justice in this sport, we’ll fight to the bitter end.
Why, even a year, two years, or 15 years later, a case of manipulation cannot be properly verified baffles me.
As of right now, Ferrari hasn’t offered me any assistance, but I anticipate it. I have faith in myself and I’ll keep fighting for justice.

After the 2008 controversy, Hamilton went on to win six F1 world championships, tying Michael Schumacher for the most with seven.
Roger Benoit, a renowned motorsports journalist, has called for the German to have one of his championships vacated after the German collided with Damon Hill and used that incident to help him win in 1994.


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