Fans of the New England Patriots send massage to Tom Brady to as the legend watches his team struggle.

Fans of the New England Patriots send massage to Tom Brady to as the legend watches his team struggle.

Even though Tom Brady has formally left the NFL, this time for good, New England Patriots supporters continue to call for him to come back and take Mac Jones’ place.

In the opening period of their Week 1 matchup, the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the New England Patriots, and the crowd chanted for Tom Brady to replace Mac Jones right away.

At Gillette Stadium, Brady watched as the Eagles jumped out to a 16-0 lead in the first 15 minutes while Jones struggled to find his offensive targets and threw an interception.
Although they were down 16-14 at the half, the Patriots quickly gathered themselves and scored twice to make up the difference.

Owner Robert Kraft wanted to honor the retired quarterback after his retirement in February, so he invited the future Hall of Famer to the first Patriots game of the year.
After one final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 46-year-old retired from the NFL, but Brady’s final campaign saw the veteran finish with a losing record for the very first time.

Since Brady left the team in 2020, Patriots fans have missed him and are growing impatient with Jones.
The Patriots will pay tribute to Brady at halftime, and owner Robert Kraft is still hoping that the former quarterback will at the very least sign a one-day contract and formally retire with the team.
However, because the Patriots are having a difficult season, fans want him back on the field.

One supporter tweeted: “Tell Tom Brady to suit up NOW.”.
Brady can still play, right?
Please put him in, a different person pleaded.

One supporter continued, “Man, we are going to have some rough years.”.
Since Brady left the team, things have been difficult for the Patriots, but Kraft is optimistic that head coach Bill Belichick can still instill success.

Because they are the underdog in the AFC East, the Patriots are in an unusual situation.
Prior to the 2023 season, the Patriots have been priced behind the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets despite winning the division in 17 of Brady’s 19 seasons.

In seven of the previous nine seasons, the Jets have finished last in their division, but things have turned around since they acquired Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers.
The underdog status of his team, however, makes Kraft happy, and he believes that Belichick’s background will speak for itself.

At a gathering at Gillette Stadium on Thursday night, Kraft said, “I sort of like that most people are picking us to come in fourth in the division.
“This team might be among the newest.
In general, I believe Coach (Belichick) has performed well.

“I believe that working with Mac and (the new offensive coordinator) Bill O’Brien will be very successful.
Actually, I’m enthusiastic about the team.

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